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player-created places

player-created places
Around the Gardens
Name of Place: Alice Margatroid's House
Location: In the Autumn part of the Gardens, barely visible from the Library.
Description: A white house, with a blue roof of origin I'm not entirely sure of. A balcony, chimney and side tower are visible clearly on the outside. Inside would have a kitchen area, small library, living area, workshop, and a bedroom. Tables, chairs, beds and shelves for dolls are about.
Pictures: Here.
Creation: Here.
Contact: AIM Stahn Dunamis

Name of Place: Concert Hall
Location: Around the Gardens
Description: Placed near a grove of large flowering trees, the concert hall is a grandiose building done in a style similar to the great concert halls and opera houses of Vienna. Inside is a main stage, along with several smaller rooms intended to be practice rooms and dressing rooms. The main stage and practice rooms all have pianos in them, and all of the rooms have perfect acoustics. Austria conducts music lessons here.
Pictures:1, 2, 3
Creation: Discussed here, actual creation handwaved
Contact: PM @ [personal profile] babygotbach, AIM @ bringingsexybach

Name of Place: Mami's Gazebo
Location: Near the Northern part of the Gardens (within sight of the Monsigny apartments.)
Description: A large, roofed gazebo with ironworked flower designs curling around the roof and overhang; within, past the surrounding cross-hatch screen of wood, is a small table and several polished chairs.
Pictures: Something like this
Creation: Here!
Contact: PM [personal profile] headedforhope or IM flutterjake

Name of Place: The Clock Tower
Location: The Gardens. Closer to the edge bordering the dunes.
Description: the structure consists of the clock tower and station building at its base. The front doors are glass. Inside is...kind of eerily empty. No furniture, no signboards, just the ticket booths and the train platforms and bare tracks that stop at the edge of the buildings. The train tunnels go straight out into open air, letting a lot of sunlight in through them as well at the windows.
The tower itself has stairs all the way up, and a locked door leading to the innards of the clock. Just above the clock face is a ledge that runs all the way around the tower, with a lip of about two to three feet high. It's accessible by all from the stairs. (or feel free to fly up/climb the outside, if that's what floats your boat.)
Pictures: FYI it's huge.
Creation: Here.
Contact: PM [personal profile] mnementomori | AIM Terra in Pyjamas

Name of Place: The Fortress
Location: a clear area near the center of the gardens
Description: A fortified castle with four windowed lookout towers, a reasonably-sized keep, and a circular wall with four entrances. Also a clear roof between the wall and the castle keep.
Creation: Here
Contact: PM [personal profile] notvitiligo

Name of Place: Utena's dormitory
Location: Around the Gardens (near Utena's basketball court)
Description: A replica of Utena and Anthy's first dormitory. The rooms are basically the same, but the dimensions of the outside are off as compared to the inside. Also Utena and Anthy's master bedroom looks like their room in The Tower.
Pictures: Up above!
Creation: Uhh... here, offscreen. The Basketball court was expanded in this post as well to a larger outdoor gymnasium.
Contact: [ profile] farrons

The Orchards
Name of Place: Fionna's Tree Fort
Location: Orchards
Description: To save time, its all here. The only thing added are two rooms for Marceline and Princess Bubblegum for them to decide on their own, and they are separated by Japanese sliding doors.
Pictures: there.
Creation: here.
Contact: elpedrososama @ plurk, AIM and

Name of Place: Paopu Grove
Location: Just on the edge of the orchard
Description: a small grove of a few paopu trees in the middle of a very small pond to provide water for the trees.
Pictures: Paopu 1 Paopu 2 Paopu Tree
Creation: Offscreen
Contact: anakhathesilver @ AIM, anakha @ plurk, PM

Name of Place: Sayaka's House
Location: Around the Orchard
Description: Blue walls and roof on the outside, with some windows around. On the inside, right in front of where you enter there is a square glass table, surround by two couches. The floor is of a wooden variety. To the right is a kitchen area connected to the rest of the room, a counter separating it from the rest. Modern appliances such as a fridge, stoveoven, microwave and toaster are here. To the left is a door that leads to a bedroom, with a single bed for two (with blue blanket with bunny printing on it) with a dresser and small table with lamp. Another door connects from the bedroom leading to a restroom, with bath and shower.
Pictures: None
Creation: here Contact: AIM: Stahn Dunamis

Name of Place: Sephiroth's Headquarters
Location: Near the Orchards
Description: A miniature version of Shinra Headquarters from FFVII. While the architecture is distinctive enough that it is clearly based on Shinra HQ, and it rises above the trees, it is large without being towering. The building has been damaged since its creation. There is a deep, horizontal cut across its middle, made by Sephiroth herself, as well as some smaller pits and craters from robot fire during the robot invasion. The surrounding area is barren, largely due to Sephiroth sometimes practicing outside in the early mornings. A dystopian air hangs about the place. The building has only three accessible floors: the Lobby, SOLDIER Headquarters (floor 49 in the original building), and Science Department Headquarters (floor 67 in the original building). It cannot be entered without Sephiroth's permission under ordinary circumstances, but if someone has a reason and a way to break in, just ask first.
Pictures: Here, but it is much, much shorter.
Creation: Here
Contact: PM [personal profile] nohometown

Name of Place: Tohno Mansion
Location: On the outside edge of the Orchard, within walking distance of Lake Sanguine
Description: See this post
Pictures: 3d model of the outside entrance hall
Creation: here
Contact: PM [personal profile] ritsu_kouyou

Lakefront Buildings
Name of Place: Beaumont
Location: Close to a lake in the northwestern part of the Gardens
Description: A brick house in the style of the Victorian times, close to Ciel Phantomhive's townhouse but with more red and white on the inside, as well as being slightly smaller.
Pictures: A little collage.
Creation: Here.
Contact: PM [personal profile] esoteric_rose | AIM opposingsaints37.

Name of Place:
The Iifa Treehouse Location:
Linked to Sora's Treehouse, on the lakefront. Description:
Kuja's own private treehouse, built after she moved in with Sora and Xion and decided she needed more space to herself. Instead of an addition, it's basically an entirely separate residence. Its exterior reproduces, in miniature, the Iifa Tree from Kuja's world. Pictures:
exterior (approximate), interior Creation:
here Contact: PM [personal profile] histrionic

Name of Place:
Kuja's Library and Museum Location:
A short walk from the lakefront, in the general area of Sora's Treehouse. Description:
The two grand buildings stand in the midst of a clearing, surrounded by a large, open area paved over with stones. The architecture of the structures are a combination of the elaborate Rococo style of Final Fantasy IX and the starker modernism of Final Fantasy VII, their design being a collaboration between Kuja herself and Reeve Tuesti. Sculptures of fantastic beasts flank the door of the museum, and the entrance of the library is set between two pillars. Within each, one may find the art and literature of various worlds, respectively. There are many works from the worlds of FFIX, FFVII, and Earth, in particular. Pictures:
n/a Creation:
Contact: PM [personal profile] histrionic

Name of Place: Seventh Heaven
Location: The Gardens, near the lakefront.
Description: Tifa Lockhart's bar/restaurant, 7th Heaven. The first floor is the bar and kitchen, as well as the area for customers. The second floor is a living area, with bedrooms and a bathroom, etc. The whole place has a very industrial look to it. It's neater than it was in Edge; Cloud's room looks brand new instead of abandoned. Reno has since taken the place over and renovated it into something more sleek and modern.
Pictures: Old Look:Exterior, Exterior II, Bar/Customer Area, Bar/Customer Area II, Staircase, Bedroom/Cloud's Room, Bedroom/Marlene and Denzel's Room
New Look: The Bar
Creation: Here!
Contact: PM [ profile] farrons or IM me: limits breaking

Name of Place: Sora's Treehouse
Location: Summer area of the Gardens, near the lake
Description: A quaint treehouse sitting high off the ground where Sora and friends can call home. It comes equipped like a normal house, but the two bedrooms each contains two triple bunk for maximum capacity for sleepovers and plenty of switching up for the regular residents.
Pictures: Exterior and Interior floor plans
Creation: Offscreen
Contact: PM [personal profile] namedforthesky | AIM anakhathesilver

Near the Library
Near the Ruins
Name of Place: Shinto Shrine
Location: On a hill near the ruins
Description: A full shinto shrine, near the ruins on a hill that wasn't flattened before. It is clearly built after the Hakurei Shrine from Gensokyo (which residents of Gensokyo would notice), except it is in a much better state, and is not begging for donations.
Pictures: Here
Creation: Here
Contact: PM [personal profile] peachhat or AIM: FennelCardi

Near the Necessities
Name of Place: Gunsmith Cats Gun Shop
Location: Off to the side of the Necessities.
Description: Outwardly, it looks like the gun shop and house part of Larry's shop back home - she hasn't made the shooting range yet, though it's soon to come. Inside, she's only furnished it minimally for now, not really having any reason to put extra work into it until she has particular cause.
Pictures: Here.
Creation: Offscreen.
Contact: AIM XCAltoona

Name of Place: Health Clinic
Location: Near the Necessities
Description: A small, one story building with red crosses along the outside. The doors are always unlocked, as is most of the equipment and materials, but alcohol and other medicines are kept locked up, along with most of the rooms.
Pictures: TBA
Creation: here
Contact: PM @ [personal profile] doc_holi; Plurk @ [ profile] linatrinch; AIM @ linatrinch

Name of Place: Homura's Apartment Building
Location: Between the Orchard and the Necessities, though closer to the latter
Description: An older European-style apartment building built at a Y-shaped intersection and surrounded with ornate electric street lights that resemble old gas lamps. Only one centralized entrance exists for the building. Inside, the hallways are lined with floor-to-ceiling fluorescent lights. One apartment has a name plate with "Homura Akemi" next to the door. The interior of this apartment is fairly modern and fully furnished, including a full kitchen. Although the building has a few other interior doors, they will not open, as the corresponding apartments currently do not exist.
Pictures: Exterior Hallway (fisheye perspective) Apartment interior
Creation: Here
Contact: [personal profile] heartovertime or [AIM] charmoeleon

Edge of the Gardens
Name of Place: Zombie Box
Location: Edge of the Gardens
Description: An angular white house, surrounded by a sturdy and concealing wall, closed off by a swinging gate. The inside is mainly barren, all white except for wooden floors. Despite not being the bedroom, Zinc keeps her mattress on the first floor near the sliding doors which lead behind the house to a a very grey and humble rock garden. There isn't much other furniture, but there are jigsaw puzzles spread everywhere. The upstairs goes mainly unused.
Pictures: House Alta, wall, gate, bedroom, rock garden
Creation: Off screen.
Contact: [personal profile] jemerite

Near the Viridian Pavilion
Name of Place: Austria's House
Location: Near the Viridian Pavilion
Description:A 2 story home styled in German architecture where Austria lives. It has a master bedroom, three guest rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room, and a music room, as well as a few miscellaneous empty rooms that she hasn't decided what to do with yet. The yard has a small rose garden.
Pictures: 1
Creation: Here
Contact: PM @ [personal profile] babygotbach, AIM @ bringingsexybach

Name of Place: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Location: Near the Viridian Pavilion
Description: A two-story building, mostly white stucco, but the ground floor is painted a very comely lavender. A wrought iron balcony is affixed to the second floor where Momoko lives.
Pictures: Store front, Interior 1, Interior 2, Momoko's room
Creation: Here
Contact: PM [personal profile] madaboutbaby | AIM: Rookie Eyes


Want to add a place to the list? Fill out the following form (leaving the "textarea" tag in):
Name of Place: The name of the new addition to the Gardens or surrounding realms.
Location: What realm or part of the Gardens is it in or near?
Description: As detailed as you want.
Pictures: Optional links to pictures of the new place.
Creation: Optional link to the thread or post where the new place was created. If it was done "offscreen," you can just mark this part as not applicable.
Contact: A way of contacting the player responsible for making this place--a journal to PM or an email or IM screen name.

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