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NPC request post

This is the open inbox of your beloved NPCs! If you need an NPC in a thread, please fill out the form below and we will see what we can work out for you! If you need an NPC for a large player plot, however, please set your sights on the Player Plotting Post which will ask of you some much more detailed information.

The Queen of Hearts

She says she brought you here. She claims to love you. She doesn't always seem to be all there, though--if she really loved her "guests," wouldn't she let them leave? Some days she seems almost reasonable. On others, she's off in the clouds and quite happy there. She probably means well, but those intentions don't always match her actions and their consequences very well. One thing's for sure: she's new at this business of creating a world, and she's going to need all the help she can get to keep it from collapsing around her.

The Queen of Hearts appears as a middle-aged beauty with red curls and a complexion untouched by the sun. She sings often and well, in a voice younger than she looks. But if her voice sounds too young, her dark eyes look too old. Despite her lighthearted attitude and lack of skill at cosmic maintenance, she has seen empires fall. Hasn't she?

[personal profile] rosestolilies | Played by Bernadette Peters.
The High Priestess

Every world needs someone to keep watch over its mysteries. Here, the High Priestess takes on that job. Only one thing about her is a certainty: she knows more than she's telling anyone. Everything else is a guess cloaked in shadow. She's not afraid to chide the Queen for her frivolity, but she doesn't step in to stop it. Her words are maddeningly cryptic, and not even the other incarnae seem to understand her all the time.

The High Priestess appears as a young woman with ageless eyes, long dark hair, and light brown skin. She is most often noticed in doorways and gates, although rarely can she be seen actually crossing their thresholds.

[personal profile] withascroll | Played by Anggun Cipta Sasmi.
The Mother

The Queen will say she loves you, but the Mother goes a step further and calls you her daughter. She may be the most openly, actively benevolent of the incarnae...but is that a good thing? Her concern can be crushing, her protectiveness a trap. But she wishes you wouldn't let that worry you too much. She's here for all her daughters, and she wants them to thrive. Fortunately, although their goals may often coincide, she's a lot more down-to-earth than the Queen...most of the time.

The Mother appears as a large, dark woman around the same age as the Queen, with practiced grace and a wide, expressive face. She smiles often and kindly, at least when she knows that people are looking at her.

[personal profile] tucksyouin | Played by Oumou Sangaré.
The Damsel

Every fairy tale needs a princess to be rescued, and so many stories call for a damsel in distress. She's here, too, like it or not. She may seem both useless and clueless at first, with her wide-eyed innocence and unrepentant defenselessness. Stick around, though, and you'll see that it's more complicated than that. She can be as silly and flighty as the Queen on her worst days, but when it comes time to take care of this new world, she's the one who's there to pick up the messes and put things in their proper places. Whatever it is the Queen is doing here, the Damsel believes in it wholeheartedly, and the heart in question is a pure one.

The Damsel appears as a maiden barely past girlhood, fair of hair and skin with a delicate classical beauty. She dances and skips more often than she walks, and a sense of hope and wonder never quite leaves her eyes.

[personal profile] distresses | Played by Imogen Poots.
The Warrior Princess

Someone has to take up the sword and fight for her principles here. That's what the Warrior Princess is for. Where the other incarnae may be calm, delicate, gentle, or peaceful, she is aggressive and bold. She will almost always be the first to call for violence and the last to break off the fight. But she doesn't do it out of bloodlust, does she? She cares about the inhabitants of the Gardens and her fellow incarnae, and she fights so fiercely to protect them all. In a way, her heart is as pure as the Damsel's; the two may even be opposite sides of one coin.

The Warrior Princess appears as a young woman with long black hair and golden-pale skin. She's virtually never seen without a sword at her side or in her hands, and it's not unheard of to spy her stalking the Gardens spattered in blood.

[personal profile] byhersword | Played by Meiko Kaji.
The Girl

If the incarnae were a family (are they?), the Girl would be the youngest child. It may not be a surprise, therefore, that she acts like she's been spoiled rotten. If she can get away with something, she'll do it, and she'll try at least once to get away with anything. Nothing seems to concern her except playing and having fun. If she has a job around the Gardens, she's not letting anybody know about it. Then again, maybe causing trouble is her job. She's certainly up to the task.

The Girl appears as a child, blonde and fair-skinned with eyes that can be lit up with impish delight or deadly serious. She can be spotted playing with the meddlesome rabbits here and there, and the rhymes she recites echo through the Gardens.

[personal profile] onlyplaying | Played by Tessa Allen.
The Vamp

This one might as well have stepped out of a pinup or a dark alley. She's the girl you don't take home to your parents, but who's all too willing to take you home instead. The Vamp is far and away the most overtly sexual of the incarnae. She wants little to do with the younger guests in the Gardens and makes it her task to scandalize all the others. Actually, like her innocent opposite, the Girl, it doesn't seem like she has much in the way of tasks or duties. She just wants to see sparks fly, even if this world falls apart in the process. After all, nice is just the opposite of naughty, and she's definitely naughty.

The Vamp appears as a young woman with her hair dyed bright red, a lot of makeup, and tattoos of hearts. She's smirking more often than not, and she never fails to dress provocatively.

[personal profile] showingcleavage | Played by Emilie Autumn.
The Healer

The others may look out for you sometimes, but someone has to take care of you if you break. That job falls to the Healer. More than the other incarnae, she is a practical soul, dedicated to her job. Of all of them, she is in fact the one most open about her duties: she's here to keep you alive and healthy, whatever it takes, and she makes no attempt to hide it. She's not cruel or caustic about it, but neither is she overly warm or gentle. Medicine can be bitter, and she who administers it can be stern. Sometimes, it might almost seem like the inhabitants of the Gardens are specimens to her--whether that's true or not.

The Healer appears as an androgynous woman with pale hair and skin. She can be found gathering herbs sometimes, but she approaches the Gardens' guests far more rarely than the other incarnae, so you're lucky if you find her at all.

[personal profile] layingofhands | Played by Tilda Swinton.
The Crone

There is a shade of gray which has nothing to do with the color of this woman's hair. She does not stand in light and she does not stand in shadow, she does not offer her allegiance; she is far too clever for that. She knows that all queens rise and all queens fall, she has seen it time and time again. A pragmatist, she cares most for what will reap results and in that vein... she likes this Queen of Hearts, just a little. Though good luck getting her to admit as much. Her methods are cloudy, her manner brusque. She does not divulge her secrets to the undeserving.

The Crone appears as a mature woman with fading hair and piercing eyes. You will not find her if she does not wish to be found, and you had best be ready to pay for your audience.

[personal profile] thumbspricking | Played by Judi Dench.
The Pirate Queen

Be wary if this one shows affection to you, and check for your wallet quickly. She isn't afraid to take what she wants, although she is not always forthcoming with just what that is. A troublemaker by nature, she flouts authority for the thrill of it and she does not love anyone more than she loves herself. Brash, tempestuous, and all the more tempting for her flaws, she thinks she was born to be a leader. Perhaps she's right but thus far she has only skeletons at her side, and she does not always seem to realize just how much she has in common with the Queen she claims to oppose.

The Pirate 'Queen' appears as an imposing woman with dark curls and sun-kissed skin. She comes and goes as she pleases, but she favors the sea and the shadows. Watch out for her sticky fingers, you never know what you might lose.

[personal profile] bulletbitten | Played by Leonor Valera.
The Tik Tik Boom Staff

A group of friendly little robots from Antikythera, these mechanical ladies are a hardworking bunch. Despite the initial meeting of Antikythera and the Garden, they've decided to extend a hand of friendship to their neighbors. Secretly? They need somebody with tastebuds to tell them how their baking is going. How the girls get set down this path isn't entirely clear, but they seem to express pleasure from this act of sharing and creation. Even robots can value a sense of accomplishment.

[personal profile] tikytiky | Played by Danbo.

On strange days, darker things roam the Gardens. And who knows what creatures make their home in the wild places?

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Player Name: Sooz
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Business: Jessica would like to make friends. She has brought a wagon of snacks.
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