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Applications are open.
They will be officially reviewed every Sunday.

♡ Read the rules and FAQ before applying.
♡ You may also want to read about the setting.
♡ Check the taken list (here) and reserves first!
♡ Please post your application as comments (however many it takes) rather than as a link.
♡ Applications will remain visible unless you specifically request that we screen them after approval.
♡ You can give your input as a player on applications currently in the queue here.
♡ Here is a sample application, so you can get an idea of what we're looking for:
♡♡ Caprica-Six from Battlestar Galactica

Player Information
Name: Your name, not the name of the character. Online handles are completely fine too.
Personal Journal: If you don't have one or would really rather not share it, it's okay to use a sockpuppet journal.
Contact Info: E-mail, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Plurk--whatever is the best way to contact you! Multiple contact methods are fine, too.
Other Characters: Anyone else you currently have in-game. If you currently have no characters here, you can mark this space as not applicable.

Character Information
Name: Easy enough!
Source Canon: What is she from? If there are different versions of a canon, make sure to specify which one you're using.
Age: Let us know if there's any discrepancy between her physical, mental, and psychological age, too.
Role In Canon: Is she the main character? A minor acquaintance of the main character? A lesser antagonist? Give us some idea here. How much we expect in the personality section will depend in part on how major a character we're talking about: the main character will usually be expected to have more personality than a comic relief villain, for example. The most personality of all will be expected for canon OCs (see the application section of the FAQ for details).
History: We will accept links from Wikipedia or another source, provided that it explains a decent amount about your character's history. If you are unable to find a decent link, you may write it out. There is no word or paragraph minimum to this section, but we please ask that you write enough for us to get an idea of where your character is coming from in case we don't know the canon. If you're linking to another source, please specify at what point in canon your character is coming from. Note that links alone will not be considered enough for canon OCs, as we want to see as much thought as possible put into how they fit into the world of their canon.

Personality: This is one of the two main parts of your application, so the more detailed, the better! For most characters, we're looking for four paragraphs (not necessarily too long each) at the minimum, but you're free to write as much as you want! The more you explain, the easier it is for us to understand your grasp on the character. If you can describe everything about her completely in three paragraphs, though, don't worry about it, especially if you're applying for a relatively minor character. Remember that while quantity is nice, quality is more important. A lengthy personality section will not be a plus if it's also incoherent, repetitive, inconsistent, or contradictory, so focus on conveying your meaning as much as on being thorough. We want to see that you have an understanding of what makes your character tick, so try to give us something more than just a listing of traits or a summary of her appearances in canon. Tell us about the motivations and reasoning that make your character who she is.

Abilities: Can your character read minds? Can she use magic? Can she do anything a normal human can't? Say so here! Remember that powers that can be used to godmode other characters will require a permissions post (and therefore only work sporadically) and that powers that could be used to escape the Gardens will not work.

Sample: Please write a first-person sample post as if your character is already in-game and making a post to the Vine. It may be audio, video, or text. You may also link to any past RP you have done with the character, whether in another game, a musebox, a dressing room, [community profile] dear_mun, a long thread on a meme (so long as it's serious enough to give us a good idea of your character's voice), or anywhere else. In particular, [community profile] testrun_box is available for this purpose. If you link to a sample from elsewhere, please make sure to submit at least part of your application from the account you used in that post or thread. Remember, if you're applying for a female AU of a male character, the sample needs to come from the female version. This section, along with personality, is the heart of the application. We don't care how you go about doing it, but we want to see that you have a consistent voice for this character. The more you give us here, the more likely we are to be able to determine that. For that reason, multiple links, samples, or a combination of both are very much welcomed, especially for characters who don't talk much in canon. If you feel you can display voice with just one link or sample, though, that's fine, too!


To apply, copy the text below, fill it out, and paste it into a comment or multiple comments in this post. Let us know in the subject if you've reserved. If your application is multiple comments, make sure it's all one thread, with all comments after the first one entered as replies to the first.

Female AU Application
If you're applying for an AU female version of a canonically male character, the application is slightly different. It includes the following fields:

Justification: Why do you want to play this particular canonically male character as female in the setting of [community profile] queenofheartsrp? We want you to give it some thought. This section isn't meant to push away players who prefer male characters, but rather as a reminder that Queen of Hearts is meant as a girls' love game and not simply a genderswap game. Don't worry, we're not looking for an essay here. We just want to see some reasoning that shows you have a genuine interest in a female version of this character and the changes (great or small) that would entail. If you can't think of anything for this section, that may be a sign that you should be applying for someone else.
Changes: While you may still link to an outside source for history (provided there exists one and you aren't applying for a canon OC), you'll also need to fill out this section describing how growing up and living as a woman has made your character's life different than it was in canon. Some characters will have barely any differences; for others, the changes will be radical. Please put careful thought into this section.

Fill out the following form as indicated above.

Original Character Application
If you're applying for an original character, again, there are a few changes. There's an additional section asking for a description of the setting she comes from, and we'd like extra attention paid to her background and her abilities.

Fill out the following form as indicated above.

Please use the format provided. We understand that you might like to include extra information or phrase a section differently, but in the interests of fairness and organization, you'll need to save that sort of thing for information posts elsewhere. We can only approve an application if it's submitted to us in the proper format.

When the moderators respond to your application, you will get one of three replies:
1. ACCEPTED. You're in; follow the directions given to start playing!
2. REVISION REQUESTED. We like your application, or at least parts of it, but notice some errors, inconsistencies, or gaps that need to be fixed or filled in. Respond to the comment with your revisions within 48 hours and we'll reevaluate your application.
3. REJECTED. Your application doesn't meet the appropriate standards and will require more serious revision or a complete overhaul to do so. We will always give a reason for this so that you have all the information you need to decide whether to try again, apply for a different character, or opt out of the game.

(frozen comment) SAMPLE APPLICATION | caprica-six | battlestar galactica | 1 of 3

[personal profile] experiencedlove 2012-01-15 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Amber
Personal Journal: [personal profile] battlestar
Contact Info: [plurk] starglow; [e-mail]; or LJ private message
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Caprica-Six
Source Canon: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Age: Ageless, but has the mind and body of a woman in her late twenties or early thirties.
Role In Canon: Major antagonist and major protagonist, separately at different points in the series.
History: "I was instrumental in the destruction of humanity, but at the same time I learned, because... because I fell in love... with a human man, and he was mortal and fallible. ... Baltar could die. And I loved him."

In terms of her canon point, I will be taking Caprica from the series finale, "Daybreak," a few months after the humans and the Cylon rebels settle on Earth.

Caprica was previously present in the Gardens between November 2010 and August 2011. Her previous activity can be found under her tags. To summarize, briefly:

—Accidentally recreated Gaius Baltar's house in the Gardens, being the first of the Gardens' residents to use the soil from the wild places to create something.
—Met and became quasi-involved with Jackie Bledsoe-Follet [ profile] thesamename initially as a surrogate substitute of sorts for Jackie's lover, Dominique de Tisi [ profile] ebony_bone, who eventually arrived in the Gardens herself. The both of them lived with Caprica for a time.
—Returned to her home world for a short time, only to lose both her lovers — Gaius Baltar and D'Anna Biers — at once. Upon returning to the Gardens, was bitter and withdrawn for quite a while. In her self-isolation, had an unintended falling out with Jackie which was never repaired.
—After having had time to heal a little from her emotional wounds, Caprica was once again returned to her home. She comes back to the Gardens after the passage of approximately a year and a half in her world.

(frozen comment) SAMPLE APPLICATION | caprica-six | battlestar galactica | 2 of 3

[personal profile] experiencedlove 2012-01-15 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: In order to discuss Caprica, it is useful to briefly discuss the humanoid Cylons in general and their motives, goals, and mentality. Humanoid Cylons were created to be the next step in the evolution of the Cylons as a race, designed to essentially be more perfect humans. They took on the role of infiltrators only after the plan to destroy humanity was formulated; when that plan backfired, they were also pushed into the role of soldiers in the war against the remainder of the human race. Cylons in general view humanity as their "parents," and some viewed the genocide of humanity as the parents having to die so that the children could find their place in the universe, while others saw it as the righteous retribution of their God in response to the sins of the human race. They have a love/hate relationship with humans, being simultaneously disdainful of and fascinated by them; this fascination is strongest with the Six model, of which Caprica is one.

At one time, Caprica was the perfect Cylon spy. Trained in emotional manipulation and honey-tongued lies, she seduced the arrogant and self-centered Gaius Baltar in order to use his connections to the Ministry of Defense to induce critical weaknesses in Colonial defense infrastructure that would allow the Cylons to take them out easily when the time came. What she neither expected nor prepared for was to fall in love with Baltar, to the point that she spontaneously chose to sacrifice her life for his when the shockwave of a blast from Cylon warheads destroyed his house. Since then he has been the center of her world, and almost everything she does revolves around her feelings for him to some degree. There have been times at which she has attempted to deny her love for him, sometimes quite forcefully, but she has never been able to quite convince herself or others that her feelings are anything but real.

Caprica's emotions in general are quite strong and intense, and she feels things very deeply. Sometimes she can restrain herself from expressing them, but it's usually the case that sooner or later they manage to escape. For a long while, she was quite conflicted over whether she should feel the things she does — love for Gaius, regret and guilt over the destruction of the Colonies, desire to atone for her wrongdoing — but she has come to accept her feelings as a part of who she is. She is not easily moved to hatred, but anger is not a difficult thing for her given the right stimulus, and she has experienced more sorrow and pain than she cares to speak of; on the other end of the spectrum, she loves quite easily, and can be intensely protective of those she becomes close to (especially children; she has a broad maternal streak and one of her greatest desires is to be a mother, despite the odds against her). Her physical senses are as important to her as her emotional ones, and she takes pleasure in fresh or intense sensory experiences — the taste of strongly-flavored food or drink, the feel of textured fabric against her skin. She can, in the right circumstances and with the right people, be quite sexual, and she sees no reason to be ashamed of sex or desire. In her view, life in all of its aspects, both good and bad, is a gift from God, and should be experienced to its fullest extent. Her sense of curiosity is more or less boundless, and even with as much time as she has spent around humans, there's still so much she feels she doesn't know. More than anything, she wants to understand what it truly means to be alive; perhaps this is part of the reason why humanity with all its flaws and failings attracts her so. In a sense she is a little in love with the human race in general, and she has the ability to see past others' imperfections to the person they are underneath.

Caprica is a deeply religious woman, as all Sixes and most of the Cylons are, and her faith in her God keeps her going when all else seems lost. She doesn't believe in coincidence or luck, instead firmly convinced that God has a plan and a destiny for everyone. This religious belief has been a problem at times — it was the belief that the Cylons were God's chosen people who were to bring righteous judgment on a sinful humanity that partially fueled the genocide for which she is in a large part responsible. Yet the God of holy war is also the God of love and forgiveness, and it was this notion that Caprica invoked when she decided that the destruction of humanity had been the wrong path to follow. To this day, her faith is still quite strong, and one of the few things that can upset her immensely is someone mocking her beliefs.

On the negative side, Caprica is still a little naive when it comes to interacting with humans, even though she has arguably spent more time around them than any of her sibling Cylons. The occupation of New Caprica, for example, came about as a result of Caprica's desire to bring peace between her people and the humans, but she was too idealistic and short-sighted to understand that occupations don't generally result in peace and harmony; and though she struggled with the actions of her brothers and sisters in taking harsher and harsher methods to suppress the human resistance and was plainly uncomfortable with and upset by the random incarcerations and mass executions, she also believed that such actions were to an extent necessary to discourage violence and terrorist attacks by the resistance. No matter how drawn she is to humans, she is also fully aware of all of humanity's sins and failures and imperfections, and from time to time she still finds herself disgusted or repelled by their actions, despite her attempts to suppress these sorts of feelings.

She is also a practiced liar, and when removed from the environment of her own world where she has no immediate reason to admit she isn't human (let alone admit to having been complicit in the genocide of billions), she will actively conceal who and what she really is. This isn't done out of malice so much as it is self-defense; she is already aware that very few people would understand — or even attempt to understand — why she did what she did, and since she isn't proud of or at ease with her past actions, she feels no reason to bring them up without due cause.
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Melia Zephyr | Original Canon | 1 of 1

[personal profile] mutation_is_great 2012-01-15 10:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kaja Rainbow
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kajarainbow
Contact Info: kajarainbow on AIM and Plurk
Other Characters:

Character Information
Name: Melia Zephyr
Age: 59
This world is ruled by gods and magic, by myths and legends. Born from Chaos, and covered in a shell to shield it from the very Chaos that gave it form. But a crack in that shell allowed Chaos to enter the world, causing many disasters but also unpredictable potential. Many things in the world wouldn't exist without that leak of Chaos.

For the people, obeying the wills of their gods is an important part of life, as it brings them blessings to ease their lives and protection against Chaos. Living improperly leads to misfortune and the influence of Chaos. Those altered by Chaos are rejected, to wander as outcasts until they die or find refuge in a place that will accept them. Haven, a nation of misfits, is one such place.

Haven lies at the outermost frontiers of civilization where Chaos is strong and strange beings walk the land. Its green lands rest between the ocean and a great desert.

The only laws are those created by the god Circle, and the only laws it cares about are to not harm or deceive those that follow its laws. Circle also oversees contracts and other agreements, as well as supplying mediators. The usual penalties consist of making what repairs or compensation you can make to the injured party (or their family), but those that completely reject Circle's laws become outcast, with no legal protections against others.

Tensions between the many assorted groups with different customs and religions are not uncommon, but everyone respects the impartiality of Circle and the courts it runs. Groups have been forced out, sometimes violently, for not respecting those courts' rulings.

Towns in Haven are completely unplanned, leading to seemingly random mazes of streets in which peddlers, entertainers, charity fundraisers, and beggars will accost you seeking your money.

The primary military in Haven are militant religious orders, with the largest and most organized armies belonging to Scar, god of vengeance and the protector of family and community. Cannons and gunpowder are just beginning to come into play to complement the pikes that still heavily dominate warfare. Magic has a heavy impact on battles.

Magic itself tends to follow a fantastical and symbolic rather than scientific basis, such as catching wind in nets and piping up a storm. Only those with magical nature, heavy training, or the direct blessings of the gods can use more than the simple everyday rituals.

Touched by Chaos from her very birth, Melia showed the signs at an early age. Her god-fearing family cast her out (a merciful treatment for one once of their own blood) for the peculiar growth of leaves upon her head and threatened her with violence should she return. Afraid, she wandered into the wilderness.

Only the voice that came to her allowed her to survive. It told her to walk until she reached the ocean, where she would find a land to welcome her. So she continued on, through forest and jungle, over hills and between mountains, and across a deadly desert.

When she despaired for her hunger, the voice told her that she would be blessed with a skin like that of plants so she could take in the sunshine and sink her toes into the ground. It told her that she would be blessed so that the plants around her would yield nourishment to her. When she despaired for her thirst, the voice taught her to speak to even the most reclusive water spirits of the desert, so that she might find water. When she despaired because of the weather upon her, the voice taught her to become able to endure that weather. When she feared the predators prowling around her, the voice taught her the forming of thorns and noxious scents and mild toxins to ward them off.

And so she walked across a continent from end to end, and found the land named Haven. And there, within Newport by the sea, she found a temple to the very voice that had led her. And she entered the service of Zephyr to thank her.

She learned many lessons, such as things a speaker to spirits and gods must know, how to host parties, the mixing of herbs for assorted results, and more, before she was ready to take her place as a proper priestess. And she, as many others in an often besieged land did, joined the militia to defend Haven. But she found herself more at ease administering herbal remedies than on the battleground.

Since she was still somewhat young, the loose priesthood of Zephyr took her in and she became a tag-long to their often boisterous ceremonies until she'd matured into an adult and learned enough to fully join the priesthood. She views the other priests as her family.

As a priest, she oversaw blessings and other ceremonies, especially during the planting seasons which were a large boost to the temple's coffers. But for the most part they subsided off their own gardens, which were plentiful enough that what they didn't eat was sold for a modest income.

Zephyr proved a sometimes tempestuous and troublesome god to deal with, but Melia learned to ride with the wave and have a lot of fun whatever happened. Zephyr became something akin to a mischievous older sister to her, who led her on many adventures.

The followers of Zephyr, as far as the religions of Shell go, are very loose in organization. They lack the organized structures and hierarchies of other religions with more formalized leaderships. But those who particularly devote themselves tend to gain respect and Melia gathered a fair deal of respect, thanks in no small part with the close relationship she developed with Zephyr.

Haven was filled with many strange experiences to someone born in a more mono-cultural nation. Due to being a grab bag of misfits and outcasts, Haven provided Melia with exposure to a wide variety of cultures. It was overwhelming at first, but with Zephyr's encouragement she adapted. Newport's twisted streets held many interesting surprises and she developed an affection for the city as well as the nation of Haven.

But some gods held Haven as heretic, leading to a few attempted invasions of Haven during Melia's lifetime. She joined the first war as a defender but shifted to a primarily supportive role in the later wars. The experience's left Melia weary of wars.

The first thing most will notice is her fun-loving tendencies. Growing into adulthood among the frequent boisterous celebrations held to Zephyr has left its mark. She's likely to drag whoever's on hand into some party or other entertaining activity, and is flirty as well as making use of light recreational substances (including but not limited to alcohol).

She's fairly devoted to her goddess thanks to all Zephyr's done for her, to the point of being practically a gushing fangirl at times. The painful exile she suffered from her family and home culture has led her to embrace Zephyr's code of acceptance. Discrimination brings up bad memories for her and she reacts negatively to it.

A close relationship with a somewhat unpredictable god's led to learned adaptability. She's quick to recover from surprise and has learned to deal with sudden inconvenience as well as take advantage of sudden fortuitous occurrences.

She's been diligent from childhood, but seeing her eager efforts to please her parents get rejected soured her on work just to please others. So she now works only for her own sake and the causes she loves. When motivated by those things, she's fairly responsible if sometimes irreverent. Nurturing others' growth's helped give her a sense of family she had lost, and she enjoys giving spiritual comfort when she can.

The Zephyrites incubated her with a lack of respect for arbitrary authority, so she follows only the rules she sees as absolute necessity (or just good sense). And she will count it as a spiritual duty to disregard unnecessary rules even if it costs her. Every now and then she will deliberately cause chaos targeted at breaking people out of their routines.

Her experiences in the Haven militia have left her with a distaste for violence, having seen its consequences. She generally prefers peaceful resolution or at least nonlethal methods such as knocking hostiles out with drugged thorns, but will fall back on more lethal measure when she sees no alternative.

To put it shortly, Melia has plant powers. To expand on this, she can alter her body to take on assorted plant properties as well as changing her colors and body shape somewhat. She can also cause plants to grow and control them, as well as mutating them.

Her priestess abilities consist of spiritual and magical sensitivity, allowing her to see spirits and talk to them though this gives her no direct control over them. She still has to talk (possibly bribe) them into doing what she wants like anyone else would.

She's also familiar with a number of ceremonies and blessings, though those might not function the same in a world separated from the gods she knows. Generally, she can give blessings that will help ensue good growth and fertility. She can also bless innovative or unpredictable efforts with greater chances of success, and she can bless parties and other such fun activities to help them turn out more smoothly, including fun stuff like the wine flowing without running out.

The Chaos-related blessings likely aren't nearly as relevant in a setting without that kind of Chaos, but in general they would increase the likelihood of positive outcomes from interactions with Chaos and decrease the likelihood of negative ones, though with Chaos there are no guarantees. For example, she might be able to restrict the wild effects of the Gardens' edges to mere annoyances rather than more severe ones. All blessings take a ritual of some kind and often materials.

Finally, she can shape Chaos itself to produce results, but this is a difficult, slow, and risky process done only when there's no other method and it's important enough. The results will tend to bear the touch of Chaos in some way. This is easily her most open-ended ability as in theory it can achieve nearly anything. But in practice more ambitious applications could take days, weeks, months, or years of rituals, or simply be beyond her. And it's likely to have side effects or even severe backfires. A healthy and long lived channeler of Chaos, for the most part, is one who practices it lightly and rarely.



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Deimonea | Original Canon | 1/1

[personal profile] phobophage 2012-01-16 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kaja Rainbow
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kajarainbow
Contact Info: kajarainbow on AIM and Plurk
Other Characters:

Character Information
Name: Deimonea
Age: Ancient.
The Dream World is full of dream-like geometry, odd isolated patches, and more. It has no real layout, instead being connected by whatever works for the dream. As such, travel tends to be stumbling through scenes until one finally arrives (or fails to arrive) at ones destinaition.

The Dream World is ruled by the Crystal Queen, who created the current incarnation and constantly remakes patches of it to satisfy her changing whims. Usually she busies herself with the process of creation, only occasionally taking time off to deal with other business. So she has her more devoted followers handle the extremely little royal business that there is in the Dream World.

Every Dream has their existence sustained, much like food, by performing particular activities that are part of their natures. For example, Dreams specializing in particular roles, or causing particular emotions in Dreamers such as arousal or fear. Those activities are considered normal and acceptable (including the unpleasantries of the Nightmares), unless they cause lasting harm to Dreamers or cause very large-scale chaos.

For those who get out of hand and cause such harm, the Crystal Queen handles some of them and leaves most to the Dream Saviors, essentially magical girls (and boys) taken from the ranks of Dreams and Dreamers alike. Even the Dreamers who become Dream Saviors tend to become a bit odd, as they have to embody the workings of the Dream World into their minds to use their powers. After becoming Dream Saviors, Dreamers become closer to Dreams and Dreams become closer to Dreamers. Dream Saviors who've been in duty for a long time end up permanently halfway between the Dream World and the Waking World.

Those Dream Saviors tend to have powers that bend and break the Dream World in surreal ways, rearranging damaged parts into more healthy new arrangements. For example, Dream Savior Berry's Strawberry Dream Twister pulls and twists the local dream into spirals with strawberries everywhere. Even healing powers leave their mark.

The Dream Saviors were created in response to the threat of the Adversaries, who tore apart three previous incarnations of the Dream World by driving Dreamers into despair and self-destruction, turning the Dream World into a dead, barren version of itself. Each time they then went into hiberation waiting for the next incarnation to tear apart and devour.

The Adversaries are outside the Queen's power. Not being part of her domain, she was powerless to affect them. So she created the Dream Saviors, specifically picking the form of magical girls and boys to counter the despair that is the Adversaries' primary weapon.

Deimonea was born during the creation of the current Dream World, as the Crystal Queen drew her out of the primordial dream-foam, assembling her from the salvaged nightmare-remnants of a long gone feverish dreamer. She floated with the other Dream Worlders waiting for the remaking to be completed, until the Queen's labors attracted her attentions. She escaped from the pen she was confined in for her safety and narrowly avoided getting woven into the underside of the Dream World by a preoccupied Queen.

Watching the weaving, she learned much. About the workings of the Dream World, what it was made out of, how it was put together. This gave her a better understanding of dreams than most Dreams and awareness of how to manipulate them in ways that only the Queen and the most powerful Dreams and Dreamers could.

Deimonea ran freely, causing havoc amongst the Queen's creations, until the Queen finally noticed and plucked her out to force her to work on designing nightmarish landscapes. From this prison Deimonea escaped too, by tricking another Nightmare into performing her tasks.

Deimonea's life thereafter was a life of responsibility evasion, casual hedonism, and terrorization of everything in sight. A Dream Savior named Berry put an end to this, forcing Deimonea to see the larger picture of her interdependence on the Dreamers, the other Dreams, and the Dream World itself.

Deimonea was pulled into a team with Berry, teasing her and being teased in return. The two of them played a part in the first Dream War against the Adversaries, completing covert missions and dropping in to help out other Dream Saviors. In the final assault on the Adversaries' three castles housing dead Queens and a King from the three previous destroyed Dream Worlds, Berry was scattered across the dreamscape from using a massive combination attack to destroy a castle.

For a fair while, Deimonea gathered up Berry's scattered essence to reassemble her. She'd come to think of Berry as her first good friend, and it was an interesting challenge. Finally, after returning Berry to coherence and having only the occasional patrol to mop up Adversary remanants, Deimonea started working on a better understanding of the Dream World in an attempt to learn how to create her own version.

From the very beginning, the Queen created Deimonea to be inquistive and independent, and Deimonea carried those qualities beyond her expectations. Present her with a mystery and she will seek to unravel it. Attempt to control her, and she will seek to escape it.

Deimonea tends to directness in going for her desires. She has no real sense of embarrassment or shame, though what she considers the stupidity of her earlier carelessness and wastefulness still rankles on her. She can be rather gluttonous in fulfilling her desires and will often ignore others' complaints.

One particular mystery she's taken an interest in is the workings of the minds of Dreamers. She understands fear easily and naturally, but the other parts of Dreamers' thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are intriguing to her. And she's never before had a chance to observe Dreamers in their natural habitats, instead of in the surreal disruptions of their routines experienced in dreams.

Deimonea preys on fear as a Nightmare, and has no regrets about it. Her encounters with Berry taught her some self-restraint, but she still enjoys savoring the fear she causes in others. As much, she rarely makes any effort to ramp back her inherent creepiness, since the nervousness that causes in others are like tasty little popcorn snacks to her. At night, she prowls dreams creating and feeding off nightmares.

And yet her interest in Dreamers causes her to be fairly friendly and even cheery, since she's found interacting with them to be one of the best ways to learn about them. Rudeness doesn't particularly bother her, since her main criteria of 'fun company' are interesting people, and she appreciates honesty and fearlessness. Braveness is one of the better ways to make her think of a person as more than just someone to frighten.

As such, her demeanor can sometimes switch quickly between creepy and friendly. To her there's no particular disparity between those behaviors. Sometimes scaring someone is just her way of making a cheery hello. After all, the only social norms she knows are those of dreams, which can be wildly inconsistent and arbitrary.

Deimonea tends to prefer nonlethal solutions simply because every dead dreamer is one less food source, though this doesn't stop her from using illegal or immoral nonlethal methods. But Berry's taught her that any Dreamer might turn out to be unexpectedly interesting. As such, she's been learning to treasure their potential.

She lacks certain normal human reactions. For example, she's largely indunated to fear and so tends to react to terrifying situations with more caution than fear. She doesn't understand romance or lust... Though unnoticed to her, coming to the Gardens's caused her to develop the potential for romantical feelings.

Like most Dreams, she might seem bizarre sometimes to people from less surreal worlds, sometimes following seemingly irrational dream logic in her behavior (and giving justifications that make sense only if you're high or in a dream). Bizarre events are more matter of course for her, while mundanity seems rather surreal to her. But she's gotten this far by being resourceful and eventually she will adapt.

From the very start of watching the Queen's creation of the Dream World, Deimonea's had a high interest in creative expression and even her dream of one day creating worlds is just the ultimate expression of that. Because of the exceptional visualization required to create the level of details in the dreams she creates, she's got a fair deal of artistic ability.

A lot of her curiosity is directed toward opening up new artistic methods, including learning to understand the workings of reality so that she can play more directly with that reality (for example, taking an interest in the physical sciences). By understanding how the world works, she hopes to unlock the secrets of creating a new world, however immeasurably long that will take her.

Deimonea, as a Nightmare, has the inherent ability to sense the fears of others in order to incorporate them into the nightmares she creates. She can create and manipulate dreams, and cause hallunications in the waking though this comes with the most ease while they're asleep. The forms she assume are themselves illusions, and those who can pierce her illusions see a terrifying amalagation of nightmares.

In general, thanks to the secrets she stole from the Queen, Deimonea has greater ability to manipulate dreams than a typical Nightmare who specializes in nightmares alone. She's even able to create minor Dreams, though she's not yet achieved anything higher than dumb mook level minions and the occasional hulky grunt. And creating them takes time. Still, it's more than most Dreams can do.

While inherently immaterial, interacting with the waking world forces Deimonea into a certain amount of 'ectoplasmic' physicality and she largely has to obey the laws of physics (much to her discomfort). Outside dreams, she can't just warp wherever she likes, is suspectible to physical attacks, has to physically accomplish things, and so on. But she still lives solely off fear and doesn't have normal physical needs such as breathing.

Physically, she isn't particularly strong or much of a threat in a straight fight. She tends to favor unfair fights instead, using illusions and trickery. Also, because she lacks vitals, some physical injuries tend to hurt her less than they would a flesh and blood being. For example, walking on broken glass's no biggie, and impaling her through the chest would just be a painful annoyance. But hacking her up would be considerably more life-threatening.

She can enter dreams, where she can use her full range of dream warping abilities and jump around from dream to dream. However, in this state, she can only interact with dreams. Though she's been able to, with some effort, reach through into waking minds to create 'daydreams'. She cannot actually interact with physical things, nor can physical things interact with her. She can also take her created Dreams into the waking world, where they behave with similar 'ectoplasmic' rules to her. But she can't take material objects with her into dreams.

Deimonea, not being a Dream Savior, cannot directly affect certain foreign dream entities, such as the Adversaries from her world or the Nightmares from Bliss Stage.



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Hanako Ikezawa | Katawa Shoujo | Not reserved

[personal profile] onceburnedtwiceshy 2012-01-16 04:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kiyuu
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kiyuubey
Contact Info: AIM/Plurk: Kiyuukins
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: Hanako Ikezawa
Source Canon: Katawa Shoujo
Age: 18
Role In Canon: One of five romanceable girls; major character in at least one other route.
History: Here. Taken from a route where Hisao doesn't romance her or Lilly, she doesn't really have much of a presence outside of the first act.

Personality: "Shrinking Violet". A timid, almost painfully shy person who avoids others as much as possible and is extremely withdrawn. This is Hanako in a nutshell! On multiple occasions, Hisao compares her to a rabbit; skittish, and ready to bolt at a moment's notice. In fact, the very first thing she does when Hisao talks to her for the first time is run away. She's afraid of people, crowds, and social interaction in general, and this attitude isn't exactly unwarrented.

A victim of bullying from the time of the accident that left much of her body scarred up until (and, it's implied, including) her transfer to Yamaku, Hanako vastly prefers to go unnoticed by the general population. She often hides in the library when she's not spending time with Lilly, and even leaves class early to avoid crowds. Loud, intimidating, or forceful people frighten her, and more often than not she'd hide behind someone to escape, should running be out of the question.

On that note, she's not entirely antisocial. She is capable of making friends, like the Satou sisters, and Hisao in her own or Lilly's romance routes. Should someone gain her trust, she begins opening up little by little. She's still timid, but it's less likely you'll find her faltering and stuttering. She truly begins to shine when playing games; her chess matches with Hisao, and later their pool game in the city, take her a long way. As long as she has something to focus on other than the other person, she'll be fine!

That being said, she hates being coddled. It's true, that you need a gentle hand to befriend this nervous girl. Being patient with her is what really helps her bring her out of her shell. But, like every other student at the school - and everyone in general, really - she just wants to be treated like a regular person. In her route, she was so desperate to have Hisao think of her as more than just a child or someone in need of protection that she has sex with him, hoping to change his mind. And in the Bad End of her route, if he doesn't take Lilly's advice to stop treating her that way, Hanako will call him out on it herself, yelling at him and telling him how much she hates him.

Speaking of hate... she has a lot of loathing directed towards herself. She's the only one that survived the housefire that killed her family, and her mother actually shielded her with her own body. She has immense survivor's guilt, to the point where she thinks she shouldn't even exist. It's even gotten to the point where she hates her own birthday, just because it's... well. Her birthday. The day when her self-loathing reaches it's peak. Everyone does their best to pay attention to her and make sure to show that she's loved, but she can't even accept that these feelings are genuine, and expresses displeasure at how "they wouldn't let her" pretend she didn't exist.

So yes. In conclusion, Hanako is an incredibly troubled, lonely girl who is fine being ignored by society, but deep down really wants someone to love her.

Abilities: Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Hanako is a 100 percent human, normal - though badly scarred - high school girl.

Sample: Meme thread here

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Cheverion -:- Original Character

[personal profile] singthewarhymns 2012-01-22 04:15 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Cari
Personal Journal: [personal profile] giraffeswitheyepatches
Contact Info: msn -, plurk - giraffles
Other Characters: Black Jack [personal profile] lifes_expensive

Character Information
Name: Cheverion
Age: Many millennia

The universe Cheverion is a deity of is made up of various realms that are separated from each other by barriers of time and space. The only way to cross these barriers is to generate the enormous power required to open a hole, or a tunnel between two, and to have enough power in reserve to keep it open and stable while traveling through. Mortals such as humans have an immensely hard time doing this, but as will be further explained below, demons and divine beings are able to do so without too much trouble.

There are five main groupings of different realms, and they have individual realms assigned to them on the basis of their characteristics. These main groups are the elemental realms, the divine realms, the demonic realms, the spirit realms, and the mortal realms. The realms that make up the divine, demonic, and mortal are a collection of loosely intertwined planes of existence that are usually not given individual names because they are so similar to others in their group. For example, there are many variations of the mortal realm in which the Earth we know of exists, but they are not given names like ‘Earth One’ or ‘Earth Two’ because they are basically variations on the same realm. The divine and demonic realms are like this too, with the only slight change being to the divine realms, where usually one deity has their own plane of existence to call their unique home.

The other two groups, the elemental and the spirit, are contained purely of their associated named realms and no more. The elemental realms are made up of the fire-aligned realm of Pyrros, the wind-aligned realm of Avaria, the earth-aligned realm of Terras, and the water-aligned realm of Hydraria. In these four realms are corresponding elementals and creatures who favor that environment, and it is from these four realms that many native supernatural beings will migrate to other planes such as the mortal or the demonic. The spirit realms are reserved to the souls of the departed, and are made up of the four realms of Tian, the equivalent of Heaven or paradise, Sheol, the equivalent of Hell or purgatory, Abyss, also known as the Void and is the plane of pure chaos and destruction, and Limbo, the midway points between all realms.

As a goddess, Cheverion has access to all of these realms should she choose to visit them, as well having a ‘home’ realm in the collective of the divine realms. While she does regularly travel to the divine realms as her duty as a deity requires of her, she actually makes her home in the elemental realm of Avaria. As Avaria is the realm aligned to the element of wind, to which Cheverion is very connected, she feels as though it is her true place to dwell.

Avaria is a world varied in its landscape, with sections ranging from huge towering forests to sheer cliff faces unreachable by any being that does not possess flight. There is an abundance of lakes both fresh water and salted and a collection of moderately sized rivers, but there is no ocean to speak of as Avaria caters toward creatures connected to the element of wind. Many different species of bird make Avaria their home along side beings such as air elementals, harpies, giant rocs, and certain types of dragons. Between a great canyon and one of the many large forests lies the palace where Cheverion is usually in residence. It is open air, with little in the way of roofing, and designed to be easily accessible to anything or anyone with wings regardless of their size. The common motif that defines the palace are the numerous sandstone columns which are carved with the likeness of the creatures who inhabit Avaria and sport handy platforms for airborne beings to land upon.
singthewarhymns: (nuetral as can be)

Cheverion -:- Original Character

[personal profile] singthewarhymns 2012-01-22 04:16 am (UTC)(link)

Cheverion is a high goddess of the Circle of Nine, the highest tier of deities in the Borean pantheon. She is the prime aspect of the element of wind, and vicariously because of that, the representation of emotions in the raw. And because of the violent circumstances of her birth, she is also the goddess of war, vengeance, and the like. Cheverion holds the title of ‘Grand Battle Master’, something awarded to a god, goddess, demi-god, and others with the appropriate levels of both battle prowess and dedication to the head goddess Leinari. Her partner, Alexios, also holds this title. Cheverion does not reside in the divine realms with the bulk of the other deities, but in Avaria, the elemental realm of wind. She is the patron guardian of this world and many of her children live there with her.

Cheverion is a goddess born out of an event known as the First Conflict, which took place when the universe was still very young. Life was just beginning in the very first world and the separate realms had not yet been created. The wild spirits of the wind , filled with raw emotion and power, took on the form of dragons to fight many bloody battles over the skies of the barely born earth. The goddess Leinari allowed this, although she did not wholeheartedly approve, because she had purposely given her creations the free will to do onto each other what they pleased. She did not intervene until the innocent life of a sparrow was taken in the crossfire of the conflict. Furious as she had never been before, Leinari lashed out at the winds and stopped their fighting. Tormented by both the death of the bird and her own unchecked rage, Leinari then bound within the sparrow her own volatile emotions and gave the fallen creature new life as her new champion, Cheverion. Cheverion then tamed the winds and bowed them to her will. With this, she became the keeper of law across the realms. Because of her origins, Cheverion takes on aspects of a bird and is deeply connected to the element of wind. The most notable of these are the small “wing-ears” that are where a humans ears would be and the large wings she sports on her back. Her feather colorings are that of a sparrow, although she is now more akin to a bird of prey.

Cheverion stayed in the divine realm until the universe and accompanying worlds and realms where sufficiently stable and life was populating them. She then moved her center of operations to Avaria, as it is the realm she felt most at home in. She has trouble being in other realms of a different elemental alignment, as they seem to “rub her the wrong way”, or conflict enough with her own base element enough to bother her. (Cheverion shows little patience for things she finds annoying.) As the four elemental realms of Hydraria, Pyrros, Terras, and Avaria are uniquely linked, travel between them is relatively simple. It is through this inter-realm travel that Cheverion met her eventual partner, the guardian god of Terras, Alexios.

The two of them did not start out as a likely couple. Cheverion’s violent nature and pride did not sit well with the more passive and levelheaded Alexios, and likewise Cheverion thought him a coward who refused to fight. They would not become close until Alexios would save Cheverion’s life, fighting off an agent of the Deep Ones. (The Deep ones are the beings of chaos, lead by their dark goddess Amaris who’s goal is to is to plunge the living worlds into destruction and darkness.) This incident showed Cheverion that Alexios was very much worthy of his own Grand Battle Master title, and also worthy of her respect. The two of them would then become allies on the battlefield and later lovers, producing children who would join their father in the second tier of deities. The first would be Halkyone, who would become the guardian god of travelers, then Chandra, the embodiment of moonlight, Andraste, the Herald of Victory for those fighting in conflicts, and lastly Caelum, the geological master of the earth. Their children have personalities that balance between their parents, with Andraste and Caelum for Cheverion and then Halkyone and Chandra for Alexios, and their love for their children was all encompassing.

In turn, Cheverion was very fierce about the protection of her children, even if as gods themselves very little could threaten them. It would be centuries before disaster struck with her firstborn Halkyone vanishing from all elemental and divine realms. Her one weakness, her children, had been found and exploited by presumably the Deep Ones, and she then went on a rage filled rampage through Avaria. Thankfully none of the residents were harmed, but she tore apart sections of the great forest and the open air palace she called home before Alexios managed to calm her down. Cheverion then swore vengeance on whoever had taken her child and embarked on a quest to find him and bring him home. This is the goal she is currently pursuing, and it is where she is being taken from her canon.


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Chocolat Meilleure | Sugar Sugar Rune | Reserved (Slight Spoilers!)

[personal profile] poland 2012-01-23 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kiss
Personal Journal: [personal profile] poland
Contact Info: aim; the love of lives | msn; | email;
Other Characters: Haine Otomiya

Character Information
Name: Chocolat Meilleure
Source Canon: Sugar Sugar Rune
Age: 11
Role In Canon: Main Protagonist
poland: (Default)

[personal profile] poland 2012-01-23 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
History: Tell me if you need more, as there's a lot more stuff that happens and this is a pretty condensed down version so as not to completely spoil anyone.

As the daughter of a prominent witch in the magical world, Chocolat was chosen as a candidate to compete for the throne as Queen of the realm, along with her best friend and daughter of the then current queen, Vanilla. In order to win the competition for the throne, the girls had to collect Ecure in the form of human hearts (more so the solidified jewel that their feelings manifested via magic). Upon arriving in the human world, Chocolat soon realized that her personality that was normal in the magical world wouldn't do her much good in the human world. It was that same personality that kept her going even with Vanilla being the favoured of the two amongst their peers. She eventually makes a lot of friends at the school, including a boy named Pierre, her long term love interest.

Due to the large rule concerning witch's hearts, the love she began to feel for Pierre was extremely taboo, though she learns shortly after becoming interested in him that he is a witch himself, though a dark one. A lot of the series deals with the various trials and tribulations Chocolat has to go through to finally fall in love and have it reciprocated with Pierre, though their love story is more like a motivation than the main story line in later volumes. Pierre was an Ogre, or a evil witch with a heart comprised of hate and agony, which coloured it a deep soot black. Chocolat spent a long time, almost the entire series, trying to find out how to remove it, attempting to remove it, and finally succeeding through her power to Filtre, or to make black hearts pure again (a trait inherited from her mother that she learns nearer to the series' closing).

Chocolat's mother was forced into exile for having a child with Glace, the darkest wizard of the magical world. Chocolat was that child, who was promptly left with her grandfather while her mother spent the rest of her life as a familiar; her punishment for her fraternizing with dark wizards. Her father was the ruler of another magical realm underneath the magical world she knew, though she never knew of such world or her father's existence. She only ever knew what her mother looked like and thought through pictures and her diary, though she wasn't able to unlock it until her time in the human world.

With her friend Vanilla, Chocolat fought for multiple reasons, though the girls remained true to their initial pact of being best friends forever. Chocolat fought just as much for Vanilla as she did for anyone else, if not more. She fought for her honour when others thought she was a Ogre, when she turned against the kingdom and sought refuge with Pierre, and when ever anyone thought Vanilla to be wrong in anyway. Her loyalty to Vanilla remains throughout her shown life, and the two are for the most part inseparable.

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Anthy Himemiya | Revolutionary Girl Utena | 1/?

[personal profile] himemiya_anthy 2012-01-24 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Shati.
Personal Journal: [personal profile] shati. I'm not very creative.
Contact Info: shaticordia, on AIM.
Other Characters: N/A.

Character Information
Name: Anthy Himemiya
Source Canon: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Age: 14
Role In Canon: Emotionless Girl, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Extreme Doormat. Major character.

History: Well, no one is sure how much of this is literally true, including Ikuhara, but the story goes: once upon a time, she stole the prince from the girls of the world, which earned her a Million Swords of Hatred that unfortunately didn't kill her, and now she hates everyone but enjoys pet snails and late night informercials, which I guess ease the pain of suffering undying as human shish kebab.

Now she's a (terrible) student at the private academy her brother (formerly known as the prince) is deputy chairman of. She would be coming from the Akio arc, somewhere between episodes 27 and 30 -- I can definitely pinpoint an episode now if needed for the application, but there shouldn't be much difference between them.

More can be found here.

Personality: There are people who would say she doesn't have one. They have probably not been subjected to Anthy's sense of humor, which appreciates elephant flip books on the one hand and people turning into cows on the other.

She comes off as an extremely shy, passive person, which is completely true, if you add "aggressive" after the passive. And shy is not really strong enough; she hates and fears humanity as a conglomerate, although she's a master at faking bland pleasantness. One of the very rare early displays of strong emotion from Anthy is terror when she's trapped in a crowd (with her clothes dissolving, to be fair). Nanami's the cause, and she's vicious to Nanami pretty much forever after that; Utena saves her, and, well, okay, she's kind of vicious to Utena too, but...she also holds her hand a lot?

She has a...friend named Chuchu. Many people have guessed at Chuchu's species (monkey, mouse, marmoset, A:tLA-style monkeymouse). Anthy will never confirm nor deny.

She shows different people different faces, although some of that is just that her behavior is kind of like an inkblot: you have to read into it to get anything out of it, because Anthy is a frustrating combination of almost literally sleepwalking through life and doing her very past to act like she has no personality of her own. Most people find her offputting at best. There are a handful who don't, or more accurately, a handful who find her offputting but are also drawn to her, and Utena's the only one who tries to be friends, and a good chunk of that is Utena's hero prince complex.

People don't dislike her for no reason. Among other things, she has a gift for saying exactly the wrong thing.

The Extreme Doormat comes with being the Rose Bride. As far as Anthy and the Student Council at Ohtori Academy are concerned, Anthy's primary role in life is to be a human sheath for the Sword of Dios, a duel prize, a mindless doll, etc. Anthy is on board with this except that Akio has the override codes -- she'll let half the school slap her around without protest, clean and cook (not, um, well) and parrot whatever the current Victor wants to hear, but she's only obeying them insofar as it doesn't contradict her brother's plans.

Their relationship is, uh, Nightmare Fuel complicated.

She's good with animals. And with plants. Not with people. She can knit?

There is a person in there, but she's trying not to be.

Abilities: Anthy has...powers. She tends to use them (a) when she is required as a part of one or another of the many rituals of Ohtori Academy and its dueling game, or (b) when she feels like tormenting Nanami. She's not prone to doing much of anything on her own iniative, magic included; she can change Utena into snazzy dueling clothes with a sweep of her hand, but even she cannot make Utena wear pants when her dress dissolves, she...huddles on the floor. She appears as a young boy for, what, twelve episodes? in between being her normal self? maybe? unless Mikage is really just that crazy? but it probably wasn't her idea. She very possibly turned Nanami into a cow. (That was probably her idea.) But basically there is no danger of me feeling the need to godmode to stay IC. Anthy considers herself an NPC.

Sample: I was going to link to an ancient post in another game, but I couldn't find it, so a retread with only one participant!

    Ah, Saionji-sama, how nice that you're back.

    [The basket of laundry at her feet is heaped with the riotously pink remains of what were once Saionji's crisp white uniforms.]

    Yes, I was doing your laundry like you said. [She beams.]

    Oh -- yes, it did change color, but red and white make a very nice combination, don't you think?

    [And keeps beaming, as his voice rises.]

    Ah, is that so?

    [She moves to pick up the laundry basket, which is still conveniently out of range of Saionji's twitching hands.]

    In that case, I will have to wash them again. I'm sure they will look better than new in no time at all.

    [She reaches for the doorknob, looking for all the world like the canary that drove the cat up a wall. Behind her, there is a loud crash. Without turning around:]

    Chuchu, it's not nice to tie other people's shoelaces together.

    [The next day, Saionji's clothes smell refreshingly of lavender, to which he discoveries a heretofor unknown allergy.]
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Apparently 1/1!

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...I didn't expect that to fit in one comment. Hopefully I didn't forget a chunk of it.


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Genesis Rhapsodos || Final Fantasy VII || Reserved

[personal profile] rhapsoidein 2012-01-26 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Arc
Personal Journal: [ profile] lineandcolor
Contact Info: AIM: Line and Color
Other Characters: None

Character Information
Name: Genesis Rhapsodos
Source Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Age: Approx 25-30
Role In Canon: Antagonist/Redeemed Villain
Justification: I've developed Genesis as a male before and I am interested in what direction I could go with a female Genesis because I know it would be a totally different and new experience. An experience I want to play out and see where it goes since the possibilities are pretty endless and exciting! I am genuinely interested in what a female Genesis could accomplish in this game that definitely goes beyond a dressing room and AIM RP since we have a developing cast. Not only that but I have been playing Genesis as a female for a few months now, so it has definitely been an interesting but, as said before, it was never outside a dressing room or AIM. So having her join a game is definitely a new experience that I would like to try! It's been pretty different and lots of fun in the dressing room, so I have high hopes for how she develops in a game.
History: LOVELESS, Act I
Changes: Her background won't change too much from her male counterpart if only because many of things he did wasn't something particularly masculine. It was rather unisex. However, the changes that do exist are what one would normally expect in a male dominated organization. Namely, that Genesis is constantly viewed as the weakest of the First Class SOLDIERs because she is a woman, despite having shown that she is quite strong and more than able to keep up with the men. It doesn't help that Sephiroth is still just as famous as ever, adding to her anger and jealousy to Sephiroth despite being friends with him. There is also talk of her sleeping her way up to the top as it's also a well-known fact that she is quite beautiful and not modest about it at all (seriously, as a man, he was pretty. As a woman, it's only moreso. XD) and is "close" to both Sephiroth and Angeal.

Obviously, she did no such thing, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill. It's also pretty easy to see that her parents don't really support her in joining Shin-Ra because, again, she is a woman and they would have wanted her to be married to another rich man and, basically, be a socialite.

There are not any other changes other than this simply because Genesis, as a male, never does anything that would give off something masculine and his personality is actually a bit more on the feminine side (not that men are incapable of being vain and immodest, of course). Genesis' actions throughout the game are the same as a female, the only difference is her motivation to being so angry with Sephiroth and that is because she has had to endure a lot of sexism within the ranks, that she's weak and can't compete mainly because she's a woman.
rhapsoidein: (Magenta feelings take up shelter)

Genesis Rhapsodos || Final Fantasy VII || Reserved

[personal profile] rhapsoidein 2012-01-26 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Genesis is passionate and fiery individual. Her emotions run deep and they are not tempered. Sometimes. She loves to have a flare, to be dramatic and to be heard. In this vein, she’s also quite vain and ensures she also looks good when going out. She loves looking good. She keeps a calm façade most of the time but should she become angry, there is a fire in her that would not be quelled until she calmed herself down. Part of that anger is that she is prone to jealousy, whether it be from a friend or someone who was better than her (proven or not).

Genesis is also a master with words and very charismatic. Should she want to, she can and will manipulate those around her. However, she's hardly ever found a reason to do this since she likes to be above such trickery (though it doesn't hurt every now and then to have a little fun~). Of course, within the game Genesis had fallen down to using such tactics due to her degradation of both mind and body. But since she was healed by the Goddess and given a second chance, she has since fallen back on her ways before everything had gone downhill. However, that doesn't mean she won't use such tactics when the need calls for it. Her enhanced body also gives her quite the daring attitude. She was risky as a normal human but now nearly indestructible? Why, the possibilities were endless for her. Given her wealthy family, she has spent time learning about everything around her and, more importantly, who. She is quite the social butterfly and will use this knowledge to her advantage should she need it.

Despite all this mingling that she actually doesn't favor doing, she never opens herself up unless one is a close friend of hers. She doesn't like being in the dark, but she doesn't like making herself vulnerable if she can help it, hence the need to be charismatic without pushing too hard. Genesis can be an enigma to those around her and due to being a SOLDIER, there was a respect that she automatically had, she also doesn't mind flaunting this and because certain other people don't dare question her, it's easy to see how she can become "close" to other people but never let them become close to her.

There is also an idiosyncrasy to Genesis that is quite simply unique to her in that when she sets her mind to something, she can and will become obsessed. However, considering we have only seen this with her obsession with the play LOVELESS, it remains to be seen exactly how obsessed she becomes with other things. Not only that but when her mind had degraded, LOVELESS was the only thing she really latched onto. She was known for quoting it a lot but it wasn't until her desperation and her insanity reached their peak that she really started reciting it on a near constant basis. Luckily, now that her sanity and life has been restored, she won't be quoting it nearly that often.

Abilities: As with any First Class SOLDIER, Genesis is very proficient with a sword. To be specific, her weapon of choice is a long crimson-bladed sword called Rapier with a decorative filigree handle. And just like any SOLDIER in general, she has been enhanced with Mako. Her strength and agility are greatly enhanced due to the Mako. However, it’s her skill with the blade that is most notable. It is seen throughout the game Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core that she can and does channel her magic through her sword. Whenever she activated the Fire Materia within, runes appear along the length of the blade and glow, giving it a fiery glow and strengthening it in response. Her skills themselves are a match to even Sephiroth, though it remains to be seen that she has yet to actually beat the man. She is also noted for being skilled in the art of magic when it comes to Materia as it has yet to be seen that other SOLDIERs actually even use Materia all that often. Genesis, however, uses it along with her swordplay very, very well

Sample: Sample is here, from a game called [ profile] happyhauntings


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Yuuka Kazami :: Touhou Project :: Unreserved

[personal profile] miserytaker 2012-01-27 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Josie
Personal Journal: kirinji
Contact Info:
Other Characters: Hina Kagiyama (miserytaker) // Touhou Project
miserytaker: (pic#1473102)

[personal profile] miserytaker 2012-01-27 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
Character Information
Name: Yuuka Kazami
Source Canon: Touhou Project
Age: Unknown, but she's lived for a pretty long time. All that can be said for certain is for over sixty years, for sure.
Role In Canon: She's been a boss in one game, and a playable character in two. She's the boss in the games referred to as PC-98 games because of when they were made about, but she only pops up in the more recent Touhou Project games once. She doesn't have a continuing major role in the recent games or anything though, only the game she popped up in was related to her by being about flowers.
History: Lotus Land Story:
Mystic Square: (Her scenario)
Though to explain her part in this game more, she'd experienced what was going on before, but didn't get it exactly until after moving around a while and it coming to her. It's not until when she pops up in other's scenarios that she knows what's up.

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Akira Satou // Katawa Shoujo // Reserved

[personal profile] drinkswithminors 2012-01-29 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: gonsai
Personal Journal: [personal profile] gonsai
Contact Info: aim=gonsaifong
Other Characters: Sanae Kochiya and Dizzy

Character Information
Name: Akira Satou
Source Canon: Katawa Shoujo
Age: 25
Role In Canon: Lilly's older sister, often a source of sage advice for Hisao, or comic mischief.
History: As much as I dislike Giant Bomb, it was the only individual article on Akira to include a background.

Personality: Akira can be summed up, quite simply, as "cool". Or at least someone who wants to BE cool. She drives a car noted for drift racing, wears a pin-stripe suit and slacks even when she's not at work, drinks beer, and wishes she smoked because of how cool it might look. Which isn't the say she's shallow, she's just very aware of the image she wants to project. And, in general, it works. Akira is well admired by her sister's friends, and impresses Hisao as well. This may all be a general reaction, however, to being forced into a lot of responsibility at a relatively young age. It's never quite analyzed in the game.

But there is deeper than that. Akira is still a very thoughtful and worldly person. As one of the few adults in the game, she comes off as perhaps the most easiest to relate to and not because of her closer age proximity, but more because she has a deeper understanding of how the world can be. And part of that is what makes her bitter. She resents her parents, viewing their leaving of Lilly and herself back in Japan as running away from Lilly's blindness. She is well aware of the capacity for the world to be cruel and unfortunate, and has a desire to protect the people she cares about from that, even if she does it more subtly than most.

For all the responsibility Akira is supposed to have, however, she also has a streak of recklessness and is largely considered care free. Contributing to the delinquency of minors on school grounds, among other things, seems to be something she has no qualms with whatsoever. It might tie in to the whole "cool" persona she projects, but it could also be that she doesn't see it as a big deal. Her lack of refinement comes as even more surprising when one considers how much of a proper and classy girl her sister Lilly is. And considering they had the same upbringing, it's all the more likely that Akira's behavior can be seen as a form of rebellion that she's clung to in her early adult years.

All in all, however, Akira serves as a source of advice, guidance, and humor throughout three of the game's five routes. This makes her a wise, cool, and loving big sister figure, and not just to Lilly, but to others as well. She likes fun, and she loves being there for the people she cares about. If she can manage doing both, she'll be happy.

Abilities: Other than an apparent degree in some kind of business law, none.

Sample: Dear Mun post


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Princess Ovelia Atkascha // Final Fantasy Tactics // Reserved

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Player Information
Name: gonsai
Personal Journal: [personal profile] gonsai
Contact Info: aim=gonsaifong
Other Characters: Sanae Kochiya and Dizzy

Character Information
Name: Ovelia Atkascha
Source Canon: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Age: 15 at the start of the game, however her age by end game will vary depending on how long the player takes to actually FINISH the game. I'm going to safely put her at 18 for the canon point I am taking her from.
Role In Canon: Ovelia serves as a central plot device, being she is one of two royals that the warring factions of the game are trying to put on the throne in order to seize political control over Ivalice. Her involvement with both Ramza and Delita moving the story as needed.
History: FF Wikia Article

"Daughter to the king, and an heir in line for the throne. She is the epitome of elegance and grace."

Ovelia starts the game as an innocent flower, largely untouched by the corruption and cruelty of the world around her. When the political tension in Ivalice erupted into actual war, she was taken from the monasteries and thrust right into the thick of a web of lies and deceit that slowly drive her to near madness. She caries with her a deep sadness that comes with her place in the world. She never knew real family or any kind of freedom, only destined to a life as a political tool. The awareness of this truth puts her in a depression for a good portion of the game.

However, she is not beyond happiness. In her knight, Agrias, and her future husband, Delita, she finds a kind of solace that she new quite knew possible. Perhaps because instead of the careful distance with which Duke Larg raised her, it is an actual close and personal relationship she has with both. They fill her with hope that the world can change, that she can obtain a real happiness in a world that was built on lies. She becomes eternally grateful to Agrias, and married to Delita, as a result of these relationships. In their company are some of the few moments in the game where she is seen smiling.

Of course, this only exposes another aspect of her personality. Perhaps due to her sheltered upbringing, Ovelia is sadly naive. Her faith and belief in Delita and his ambitions blinds her to the reality in which he executes them for far too long. She wanted so desperately to have some kind of hope for her valueless life that she trusted in everything Delita did, never realizing until the very end that his 'love' for her was questionable at best and his motivations for marrying her were simply to gain the power needed to enact his goals. In the end, she allows herself to be a pawn as it's all she really knows how to do. It's easier for her to hope falsely, after all. But when the truth comes out, she weeps as any person would.

For all the tragedy that makes up Ovelia's life, she is still a good person, though. She is altruistic, as any princess should be, and will go well beyond her way to help others, especially her loved ones. She even surrendered Agrias into Ramza's service, knowing it would lead to a greater good. Her willingness to sacrifice herself for others is probably what drew so many to her, both those who revered her and those who wanted to use her.

Abilities: Ovelia is familiar with the White Magicks of her canon universe, allowing her to heal wounds and illness, as well as use holy might as a weapon. She has two spells unique to her, Aegis and Dispelna. Aegis provides her with a number of positive buffs, while Dispelna cures just as many negative statuses.

Sample: Dear Mun post


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Lady Agrias Oaks - Final Fantasy Tactics - Reserved

[personal profile] atma 2012-01-29 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Atma
Personal Journal: [personal profile] atma
Contact Info: AIM – gainoscologist / swordfaps PLURK - Gallantry
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Lady Agrias Oaks
Source Canon: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Age: 20 – Canonly starts off here, will not be age bumping her. Time moves on as you play so this is assuming the player rushed through as fast as possible.
Role In Canon: Side character/goodguy. Acts as Princess Ovelia's bodyguard and confidant. Can be dismissed at any time after joining the heroes, but we're assuming this never happened. Powerful semi long-range tank type. Knight in shining armor.
History: FF Wikia Article

Personality: "Have you no pride, no honor?"

There exist three basic laws of chivalry a knight is expected to follow. They are simple rules at first glance, but their bearing and meaning can shape a warrior's entire existence. Let's take a look at them one by one.

The first law is duty as a warrior to their lord and country. Agrias is assigned as a personal bodyguard to Princess Ovelia, heir to the throne, a job she takes with utmost seriousness and places its importance above all other tasks. In protecting her, she serves her country of Ivalice, and protects its interests by helping raise her to be the best she can be. One must be responsible, steadfast, and loyal to maintain such a lofty position, and Agrias has these all in spades. Not wanting to see her homeland thrown further into chaos with cruel men at the throne, willing to sacrifice herself if needed to uphold the law. She will never back down from a fight and aide those she deems worthy of it, jumping in the fray when and where she can, to protect everything she holds dear. Likewise, if you display cowardice or lie around her, you will get her worst. Betrayal and underhanded tactics are not things she forgives and she can hold grudges. If you manage to avoid that and her wrath, Agrias makes for a truly reliable friend and soldier. The first law seems easiest to define her by, as you would find a knight rarely as dedicated and strong as she is.

The second law is duty as a warrior to God and church. Throughout her life, Agrias stayed true to the Church of Glabados, who worshiped a figure called St Ajora, working as a paladin in their name. Her faith was unwavering and she thought their gospel true. Notice the past tense; after the dark, disgusting truths of the faith were uncovered, Agrias began to waver from it slowly. She was devastated, often lamenting having to learn this, gradually focusing her faith more in people and friends than in holy text. However, she still sees her faith as salvageable, just not in its current form, and hopes for those used to find their way again in some form or another. She lives her life under the light and has it guide her, finding it pitiable when people give in to darkness and despair. Whether one directly believes in gods is another story, but so long as you believe in goodness and try to follow it and the spirit of it, she believes you can be saved and do right. Perhaps the second law isn't the best one to define her by, but it was once dearly important to her, and could be again someday.

The third and final law as a warrior is duty to women. One could interpret this as the bond she shares with the Princess. She is trustworthy and honest, having earned Ovelia's respect and is often used as her confidant, being told things others would never hear even hints to and giving Ovelia the truth, no matter how harsh, knowing it will do her or anyone else better in the long run. To her, Agrias is more than a knight and is a dear friend, and Agrias sees this as part of her duty to her, keeping all of Ovelia's secrets and insecurities locked in so as to protect her. They share a bond like little other, and in doing so, she often overlooks her own desires, saying that whatever she wants is fine with her. When Ovelia is kidnapped, Agrias makes it her stubborn duty to retrieve her time and time again, nobody asking her to do it but herself. Perhaps Ovelia has shaped her too much. The third and final law may be most important to shaping her of all, more so than even the first law, giving her some heart and meaning to her actions. After all, a knight is nothing without a name or banner to fight under, and Ovelia gives her this drive necessary to do her job, and do it with full pride and honor befitting her title of Lady.

Agrias is duty-bound, hard-headed, and as strong willed as they come, overcoming trials of faith, loyalty, and even wavering trust in the throne. She is chivalry incarnate, the definition of what a knight should be, and above all, a good woman with a good heart. Even if she denies herself what said heart wants.

Abilities: Agrias is a Holy Knight, a semi-unique job class in her canon. Her Bravery (stat that determines physical prowess) is a bit higher than her Faith (stat that determines magical prowess) starting at 71 and 63 out of 100 respectively. This is a good, solid level for each stat. It should be noted that female units in game usually have higher Faith than Bravery on average. This all means several things for her.

Agrias is a very deft hand with a sword. Her rank as a Lionsguard (royal bodyguard) would not be so if she weren't extremely capable. Her normal swordplay skills are quite strong, equivalent to a regular knight unit in-game or better. It could be assumed that since her Bravery is high for a woman, she is quite a bit tougher than most other female warriors in her world and easily on par with the men. However, unlike most paladins, Holy Knights are offensive-based rather than defense-based, though Agrias is still adept with heavy armor and shields.

Being a Holy Knight in Ivalice grants you access to five special sword skills costing the user no MP that can strike from a distance and hit specific enemy formations should they fall within the attack's range. They range from raining ice to fantastic bolts to holy beams, each one with a small chance of causing their own status effect on top. They're holy elemental in nature and cannot be used without a western-style sword in hand. Otherwise, the job class is the same as a squire (base class).

Sample: Ongoing Dear-Mun post


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Shiina "Misha" Mikado | Katawa Shoujo | Reserved

[personal profile] waha 2012-01-29 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kevin
Personal Journal: [personal profile] benelux
Contact Info: plurk: dickable
Other Characters: None at present

Character Information
Name: Shiina “Misha” Mikado
Source Canon: Katawa Shoujo
Age: 18
Role In Canon: Supporting heroine; she doesn't have a romance route of her own, but her story and Shizune's are very strongly connected (due in no small part to her being Shizune's translator).
History: this is more or less all we've got, sadly. She doesn't like talking about the past, and she's not one of the core heroines, so it's sort of left up to our imaginations.

Personality: Loud as hell.

No okay don't walk away I promise I'll do this properly!

Alright, let's start with a brief summary: Misha is one chipper piece of shit. I don't mean that her good mood is impossible to dampen; cruelty, or anger can certainly knock her down a peg. But... the thing is? Unless it's something huge? It doesn't last. She's the dog that can get kicked, slink away for a half-hour, and then come back as happy as ever.

Now, it's tempting to blame this on her intellect – which I'll touch on in a moment – but that's not the culprit. The culprit, you see, is love. Or guilt, perhaps... or even a sense of duty, depending on how you look at it. That almost certainly doesn't make sense, so allow me to explain: Misha – as stated in the history I linked – is in love with her best friend, Shizune. Once upon a time, she confessed... and was rejected. Shizune, however, was very insistent that they remain friends, and said, at one point, something along the lines of “the smiling Misha is the true Misha”. Is this true? Who knows. What's important is that Misha took this as a... not a command, exactly, but perhaps a point of honour? Shizune liked it when Misha smiled, when she laughed, when she was happy; and, so, Misha swore to herself that she would always be happy, even when she's... not actually happy. Now, this sounds like she just... being dishonest, giving Shizune the answer she wants to hear, but that's not how she looks at it; she sees it as consciously trying to change herself, to become this other Misha that Shizune prefers. And... that's really a core aspect of Misha: she would do absolutely anything to make Shizune happy. Sure, if it means killing her own actual happiness (rather than what she shows the world), she'll die a little inside, but she'll still do it; better for her to be unhappy than Shizune, after all.

That sounds kind of dumb, doesn't it? Well, love is pretty dumb... and so is Misha. Man, that was an awesome segue, I'm gonna have to try and get more use out of that one. Though, perhaps that's a bit of an uncharitable assessment; stupidity isn't the core problem, after all. It's that things just go right the hell over her head (usually for comic effect, of course, but... well, she's that sort of character, for the most part!). I mean, she'll translate for Shizune, and... not even notice, sometimes, that the messages were meant for her. Hell, in Shizune's good ending, she has to have supplementary lessons just to have a hope of graduating! But, you know what? She tries hard. Seriously, she puts her all into basically whatever she does, even if it's schoolwork; hopefully, somehow, it'll even out.

Now, I said earlier that the face Misha shows the world is pretty much all sunshine and rainbows and puppies and shit, and that's true; however, I also said that this display was unrelated to what she's actually feeling. The truth is, she has a bit of a depressive streak, although one she can often push down. Being near someone that you're desperately, obsessively in love with, being kept near that person, yet at arm's length? That's... damaging, to say the least. She knows Shizune doesn't have any romantic interest in her, yet... she can't just get away, put distance between herself and the 'problem', and learn to deal with it. It hurts her, wears her down; she has to have some sort of outlet for all that frustration... and, in that route's one and only decision point, we see what it is: sex. Now, she's pretty specific (if you get with her, thus selecting the bad end) on the fact that she's never done it with a guy before, but... that specificity also implies that she has gotten busy with a girl before. Sure, it's possibly that this was before she fell for Shizune, but... that happened when she was around 15; while it's certainly not impossible, the idea that she would have lost her virginity that young is a bit... difficult to swallow. If we accept that, then we also accept that she was fooling around with other girls even after falling in love with – and being rejected by – Shizune. Since she never – not even by the time the credits roll on the good ending – gets over Shizune... well, it's a distraction, to say the least. Now, she's hardly the sort to simply use people (her and Shizune's attempts at shanghaing Hisao into the Student Council notwithstanding); frankly, she might even think she's trying to fall in love with someone else. A normal girl, one that might actually accept her! Hell, maybe that's even part of the reason; who knows? But, she's pretty specific about the reason she sleeps with Hisao – comfort, a distraction from her pain – and I don't think it's a stretch at all to suppose that she's done so before.

Abilities: None! She's a completely normal – if terribly loud and pink – human.

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...for some reason the link got cut out. Here it is!

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Patchouli Knowledge | Touhou Project | Reserved

[personal profile] iputonmyrobeandwizardhat 2012-02-04 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kevin
Personal Journal: [personal profile] benelux
Contact Info: plurk: dickable
Other Characters: None at present, but I also have an application in for Shiina “Misha” Mikado of Katawa Shoujo

Character Information
Name: Patchouli Knowledge
Source Canon: Touhou Project
Age: A bit over 100
Role In Canon: Wikipedia Amoral dispenser of information/middle-aged librarian.

Personality: The most obvious place to start is this: Patchouli goddamn loves books. To call her something as simple as "an avid reader" would be horribly inadequate, not unlike calling the moon "a bit heavy"; she has, after all, spent nearly the whole of her 100-odd years of life secluded in Voile (an impossibly massive library deep within the Scarlet Devil Mansion), reading to her heart's content. At this point, Voile - and the books within it - aren't simply her home... they're her comfort zone, her metaphorical security blanket, and very much a part of her; even if all else fails her, books won't. She's so utterly entrenched in her love of reading, in fact, that it's become her absolute point of reference; she even admits, in Inaba Of The Earth And Inaba Of The Moon, that, the one time she decided to try and lose weight? She first searched through EVERY BOOK ON THE SUBJECT SHE COULD FIND. And ended up just reading the whole time, thus accomplishing no actual exercise. But, you know what? She doesn't particularly regret that. Even if she didn't accomplish her original goal, she still spent her time in a valuable manner.

Of course, this shouldn't be taken to mean that she has a short attention span or anything; rather, she has something of a compulsion as regards the use of her time. That which is valueless will be abandoned in favour of that which is valuable; since she has little regard for her physical form, simply reading - that is, enriching the mind - is far more valuable. It is for this reason that, despite the obvious and pointed negative effects on her health, she still chooses to spend her time tucked away in a musty, stale library; it keeps her closer to the books that she so loves.

Now, all this is great and such, but... beyond the health problems? It's led to another rather major deficiency: that is, she's kind of terrible with people. She's a bit arrogant, and tends to speak condescendingly to others; it's not because she consciously places herself above them, though. It's simply because she knows that, in most cases? She's smarter than them. And, from there, it's just instinct. I'd like to emphasize, though, that she doesn't intend to offend people - at least, most of the time - but, rather, that she's simply awkward, and a bit callous. Furthermore, she has a tendency to answer direct questions... unusually; to give either far too much or far too little information. The latter tends to be because she feels that, from the little she gives you, the rest should be obvious... it's obvious to her, after all; the former, however, can be either because your question has actually piqued her interest, or... because she's just showing off. Generally the former reason, though.

The upshot from all this, though, is that she's quite resistant to emotional shocks; as her title says, she's the "Unmoving Great Library". Her level-headedness and objectivity - combined, of course, with her great intellect - have earned her the dubious honour of being the Scarlet Devil Mansion's go-to girl for fixing (or creating) problems. She's detached, logical... almost like a Vulcan, if you'll forgive the comparison.

Lastly, I need to make something very, very clear: Patchouli, in general, is a terribly passive sort of person. If she were to be left alone, she'd spend literally all of her time reading and learning, without ever feeling the need to seek out ways to apply that knowledge. She doesn't lack interest in things outside her comfort zone, of course, but she requires a bit of prodding to reach them... and by “prodding”, I mean “literal dragging”. She understands that her single-minded nature is an obstacle to her growth, though, but is simply too set in her ways, too deeply entrenched in her all-consuming lust for knowledge, to be able to just... go for a damn walk or something. And that's why she has the rather insane friends that she does: because they'll force her out there, outside of her shell.

And she secretly loves them for it.

Abilities: Magic! She's generally considered the most skilled – although not necessarily the most powerful, since... Marisa – magic-user in the series. She wields magic of seven different elements, and has been known to freely combine them to create new sorts of magic. In practical terms, her strength is frequently limited by her asthma and anemia – she has to actually recite her spells, after all, and those conditions make it difficult – but, even then? She's nothing to scoff at.

Also, being a youkai, she's exceptionally long-lived, and likely has a bunch of other biological quirks (which haven't been spelled out and probably don't matter).


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Hong Meiling | Touhou Project | Reserved

[personal profile] norfair 2012-02-05 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Jon
Personal Journal: [personal profile] norfair
Contact Info: Cursed Wave [AIM] &
Other Characters: Suruga Kanbaru & Samus Aran

Character Information
Name: Hong Meiling
Source Canon: Touhou Project
Age: Unstated in canon, though youkai in general tend to be a lot older than they look.
Role In Canon: Gatekeeper and Gardener for the Scarlet Devil Mansion, willingly serving under Remilia Scarlet. A minor character overall, being the midboss and boss of Stage 3 in “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil”. Is a playable character in “Immaterial and Missing Power” & “Hisoutensoku”


Canon Point will be post TH 12.3
norfair: (b.b. hood>> jazz hands go!)

[personal profile] norfair 2012-02-05 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: When you have the intelligence of Patchouli and the diligence of Perfect Maid Sakuya… Meiling seems a little out of place in the Scarlet Devil Mansion (hereby abbreviated to SDM), even by Gensokyo standards. With her human appearance come human mannerisms, as her easy-going and generally cheerful personality puts her at odds with her role as the SDM’s gate guard. Though, others have mentioned that it’s her friendly demeanor that makes her adept at handling the frequent humans she meets while standing guard.

Meiling takes her occupation with varying degrees of seriousness, as she’s known for taking naps while on duty (“Eyewitness Reports” have stated that “you must not disturb her” while she’s “having a siesta”), striking up conversation, and complaining with passerbys while on the job. It’s that kind of personality that has led others to believe her to be an actual human, with her presence making the SDM seem friendlier and more inviting than it really is.

Aside from being the SDM’s gate guard, she is also their gardener, and that fondness for flowers continues to show in her spells. Though mentioned to have no weaknesses when it comes to martial arts, her abilities in danmaku itself are rather lacking as she’s given a “Threat level: Low” ranking. However, even Meiling will attack if: provoked, someone actually tries to get past/sneak through her or make destructive attempts on the mansion itself. If you find yourself facing her, though, retreating or apologizing is usually enough to keep Meiling from attacking or giving chase.

Her victory quotes in 12.3 suggest that she is proud of her Chinese heritage, knows a fair bit about Chinese mythology, and has quite the interest in self-improvement and physical health to match her preference for direct, hand-to-hand combat as opposed to projectiles. Also of note is her daily performance of Tai Chi Chuan.

To further illustrate her unusual personality, her story mode in 12.3 has her fighting against evil youkai that have been sent to Gensokyo. Though she fights bravely against the opponents and defends the SDM, “story” ends with her facing a giant catfish, and the revelation that it was all of the events of her story mode were… just a dream inspired by an action manga she was reading, while she was still supposed be attending to her gate-guarding duties. Even with Patchouli and Sakuya staring at her, Meiling continues to talk in her sleep in regards to her still-continuing and bizarre dream.

At the end of her dream, though embarrassed and left feeling uneasy, Meiling confesses that she would "fight on the front lines to protect everyone” and obvious sign of how much she really cares for Gensokyo and all who live in it.

… Even if they don’t really think much of her.

Abilities: In the most general sense, a “youkai” is anything that can be classified as a supernatural being or legend, regardless of culture. For Meiling this means that she’s far stronger and lives longer than most normal humans, and can also fly. She remains quite skilled in martial arts and is able to use and manipulate “Qi” as well as being able to use danmaku, though her skill in the latter seems to be lackluster at best.

Sample: [The vine has suddenly decided to tune in to its newest arrival!

… a redhead that seems to be sleeping comfortably on the ground. So comfortably that she seems to be snoring and… is that drool on the side of her mouth? Yes. Yes it is.

Wait, it looks like she’s finally going to wake up!]

Don’t you worry anymore! I, Hong Meiling, will not let anything happen to this land I love!

[… Or it could be that she’s decided to talk in her sleep.]

As long as I remain on guard, no harm will befall Gensokyo and its residents.

[What is she even dreaming about? Must be something pretty exciting, given how she’s raising her fist in the air. Fortunately, she wakes up before embarrassing herself any further.

She sits up, eyes half open, looking positively groggy.]

… Huh?

[Meiling finally begins to realize that something isn’t quite right.]

This isn’t the mansion… [An astounding observation.] Where is…?

Mistress? Lady Sakuya?

Where did you all go?!

[Looking more and more worried now.]

I wasn’t sleeping or slacking off! Honest!

[… right.]

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Feferi Peixes || Homestuck || Expired Reserve

[personal profile] cullscuttlefish 2012-02-06 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Jen
Personal Journal: [personal profile] preternatural
Contact Info: AIM: sevencoloured/prospit dreamer; plurk: countermelody
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Feferi Peixes
Source Canon: MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Age: 6 solar sweeps/13 Earth years
Role In Canon:
History: MSPA Wiki

Personality: Feferi gets very -EXCIT--------ED, and does so easily. The smallest things excite her, from small shiny objects to big life events. She's a very bubbly and energetic girl, and probably the friendliest of the trolls, overall. She genuinely likes carrying on conversations with others and will do so happily. However, these conversations will generally be peppered with fish puns. She cares about others, as well - she wants to redefine the word 'culling', normally the act of killing the weak, to 'caring for the weak and infirm'.

Her blood color, Tyrian purple, is the highest on the hemospectrum, by which trolls judge other trolls; hers is only seen in high royalty. However, Feferi doesn't care about this. She insists that no troll is better than any other just because of the color of their blood. She's the heir to the Alternian throne, but she insists that it doesn't make her better than anyone else. She takes her responsibility and role seriously.

Feferi is nothing if not fearless. This stems in no small part from her dealings with her lusus, Gl'bolgy'b. A troll's lusus is like a parent, and in this case? Consider Feferi's 'mom' to be the troll version of Cthulu. From the time she was born, her lusus has been an emissary to Horrorterrors, as well as one that whispers prophecies to her. One of these is the story of the Vast Glub, which will kill all other trolls besides her if it goes off. In order to keep that from happening, she has to keep G'bolgy'b quiet and appeased at all times, which means feeding it the lusii of othe trolls. While others do most of the work for her, it's implied that she's had to kill some of them herself. Either way, compared to the possibility of the Vast Glub, there's very little else that can frighten her.

After the trolls' home planet, Alternia, is destroyed, Feferi abdicates her role as the future empress-to-be. Despite the destruction of her home, her castle, her beloved cuttlefish, and everything else, she seems happiest when she's free of the expectations placed on her as the future empress, free to interact freely with everyone. She even goes so far as to ditch her current 'moirail' - or 'best friend' in human terms - and develop what could be a 'flushed' - or 'romantic' - relationship with Sollux Captor. After Alternia's destruction, she and the other trolls are in a desperately bad situation. Feferi remains optimistic during all of this, insisting that things will be okay.

But underneath all this shiny happy fearlessness is a snarky streak. She openly mocks Jade Harley for not knowing what a lusus is. Jade isn't the only one that Feferi makes fun of; she's known to actively make fun of Eridan Ampora, as well. On top of that, she pretends to be mad at Vriska Serket just to irritate her. This becomes more evident after her death in canon, in her conversations with everyone.

Abilities: Feferi is an amphibious troll, though this won't really matter so much in the Gardens. She does look different from most others, though - she dresses in bright colors, and she has gills on the side of her face. Like all other trolls, she has horns the color of candy-corn and grey skin. Her hair is dark and long, and she wears glasses that strongly resemble swim goggles. There is some evidence of a psychic link betweeen Feferi and others with her blood color via their shared lusus, but it isn't elaborated on much. There is also the question of what exactly her powers over Life entail; we haven't gotten elaboration over this in canon, however.

Sample: one, and two

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Tatsuki Arisawa | Bleach | Reserved

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Player Information
Name: Ash
Personal Journal: [personal profile] hahahahaha
Contact Info: yes22992 at AIM, gaslight on Plurk
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: Tatsuki Arisawa
Source Canon: Bleach
Age: 17
Role In Canon: Minor supporting role
History: Despite knowing the main character longer than anyone else not in his immediate family, Tatsuki's life is about as normal as it gets in the world of Bleach before the story begins. She's 17 years old, comes from an ordinary middle-class nuclear family, her parents are neither separated nor dead, and she's not mentioned to have any siblings. That's not to say she's unremarkable herself, but to say her circumstances are anything but blisteringly average would be a bald-faced lie. She just has to put in the effort to make her life interesting, and her efforts certainly aren't wasted.

It was when she was four that she first met our hero, Ichigo Kurosaki, when they trained at the same dojo. She spent the next eight years beating the shit out of him, which, in the world of shonen manga, means they became fast friends. Growing up, the two were close, whether she was fighting off whatever bullies happened to be picking on him that day, or worrying about him around the time his mother died, she was generally the one who was there for him until he was able to stand up for himself. After sixth grade, their paths in life started to diverge, but they stayed friends.

Around that same time, she developed a friendship with Orihime Inoue, a classmate in middle school, in much the same way she became friends with Ichigo, but with less sparring: fighting off bullies. After she got on some third years' case when they forcibly cut Orihime's hair, she gave Hime herself the courage to grow it back out, and after vowing never to let her cry again, the two became best friends and remained so into the present day. In this case, however, it's impossible to overstate just how close the two of them are; Tatsuki has literally fine-tuned their friendship into a supernatural power. More on that later, though.

Things don't stay normal for long for her, of course. While visiting Orihime one day, she has her first encounter with a hollow, and it's one with a personal grudge against both her and Ichigo: namely, the spirit of Sora Inoue, Orihime's older brother, who had died about a year before they'd met. She spends much of the encounter knocked unconscious, but recovers just fine after Ichigo handles the situation. A few days later, she has another encounter with the supernatural, unbeknownst to her at the time, when a runaway mod soul in Ichigo's body puts the moves on Orihime, kisses Tatsuki, and jumps out a third story window. Luckily, no one is hurt this time, but not for lack of trying on her part.

It was only some days afterward that shit started to get real. In another part of town, one of her classmates, Uryuu Ishida, decided to be a douchebag and bait as many hollows as possible, just so he and Ichigo could compete to see who could kill the most, which, while incredibly stupid, is only relevant in that it set up what happened next (Which, by the way, you get no points for guessing). One of the hollows drawn to Karakura settled on the high school, where Tatsuki, Orihime, and another classmate, Chizuru Honshou, are cleaning up before heading home. Orihime, having noticed the hollow, suggests they leave right now you guys, so Tatsuki Arisawa went into the school to get her normal people close because she was in her office labcoat.

This decision proved rather fortuitous, as when the hollow released a barrage of spores, which it used to sic everyone on everyone else, she was inside and unaffected. Orihime was unaffected as well, but with a crowd of manipulated students being directed to kill her, she was in no less danger than before, so it was a good thing Tatsuki was dressed in time to kick some ass, which she did quite a bit of before being caught off guard when grabbed by Chizuru. With Tatsuki subdued, the hollow decided to gloat at her a bit, outlining how the students under its control would gang rape and murder her. She was, of course, having none of this shit, and told the thing to go fuck itself with a hard bite to the tentacle. Obviously, the hollow was pissed, and decided she wasn't worth the trouble and tossed her on the ground, which only spurned on Orihime to put on her hero shoes and do the saving this time around, putting the hollow out of everyone's misery and using her new-found powers to heal Tatsuki's wounds.

Because shinigami are dicks, however, the above two paragraphs are wiped from her memory immediately after each incident, leaving her none the wiser. After finishing second in her age group in a national karate tournament, she spends her summer break out of the limelight while Ichigo, Orihime and company are off on "vacation." After their return, however, she begins noticing things that aren't quite as they should be, and it's not long before she realizes that Ichigo is a shinigami, or that he's at least something more than normal. After yet again being nearly killed, and after Orihime's disappearance, she decides she's had enough. She confronts Ichigo, knowing that he knows something, and tells him as much. Not satisfied with his answer, she gives him a good enough punch in the face to put his head through a window and tells him off for not trusting his friends. She and two others follow him to the Urahara shop later that night, watch him head off to the castle in the sky to rescue the princess, and proceed to vanish for another 168 chapters.

Between then and her eventual return, she and the rest of Karakura are, quite literally, fast asleep, while the entire town is shunted off into Soul Society and replaced with a 1:1 scale model, which seems overdoing it a bit when you can just as well fight in a field, but that's not important right now. What is is that she and several classmates wake up just in time for Aizen, our godmoding villain of the piece, to arrive to carry out his nefarious plan. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved to fight him off, only his flair for the dramatic seems to be able to buy them any time, at least before his right hand man, Gin Ichimaru, pulls a Starscream and punches a hole in him. Aizen being Aizen, of course, buying time for Ichigo's arrival is all that really does, but Ichigo being Our Hero, it buys them enough, and he takes the fight a safe distance from the bystanders, Tatsuki watches from the sidelines with everyone else. When all is said and done, she gets the whole story, and since it's decided to be not worth the trouble, she gets to keep her memory of it as well.

From there, seventeen months of timeskip pass uneventfully.

Personality: Despite chance relegating her to a supporting role, Tatsuki displays all the standard traits of your archetypal shonen protagonist: loyalty, stubbornness, a willingness to put herself in the way of danger to protect those she cares about, and spiky hair. Despite the image that may project, however, she generally maintains a cool head unless the situation merits otherwise, a trait that's only grown stronger over time. She's also not as dim as the character type would suggest, and in fact is quite the opposite, getting average or better grades consistently, and being perceptive enough to notice things most people wouldn't, even occasionally having insights on her friends that they might not realize themselves.

That's not to say that's all there is to her, of course. It's secondary information, at best. She more often solves problems, only rarely her own, by force, and she's surprisingly effective at it. She's very much a tomboy; in fact, she has fewer typically "feminine" traits than most of the men in the series. She's athletic, has been training in karate her whole life, and aspires to make a living out of it. She plays video games, has the above-mentioned haircut, and even her approach to romance is almost frighteningly aggressive, and given how much thought she appears to have put into it, she's likely just a bit more perverted than she's willing to let on.

She values loyalty to a degree that can't be overstated. She would go to the ends of the earth for Orihime, and if she was capable of it, even farther, and it's likely she'd do the same for anyone, even without the personal motivation that comes with being her best friend, and if she feels you've done something to betray her trust, she will not hesitate to fuck your shit up. With all that's happened in her life of late, however, her own sense of helplessness has started to dominate her, and she's rapidly developed something of an inferiority complex. She can accept, to some degree, that Ichigo and others with power can handle what she can't, but having spent her life playing the hero herself, it depresses her that she can't do anything but sit back and watch all the same.

Abilities: Tatsuki has no actual powers per se. Well, she can see spirits, yes, and she has just enough spiritual power herself to not die around the most powerful beings Tite Kubo can pull out of his ass this week, but anyone with a name can do that in this series, so that doesn't quite count. Her only real power is that she's 180 pounds of concentrated asskicking in a 90 pound can. Remember that national karate tournament she came in second in? She was fighting with a broken arm. Her reaction to being grappled and immobilized by a hollow is to bite that shit, and from its reaction, it legit hurt. She confronted one of the most powerful characters in the series and personally put his head through a window. Her main power is that she can pull that sort of thing off without needing powers, because she's more hardcore than you will ever be. Perhaps worth mentioning as well is that her ability to sense spirits works in such a way that she can specifically sense Orihime's presence, or lack thereof. While it doesn't seem special, humans that can sense spirits usually only sense them in general, rather than showing any sort of awareness that it's a specific one. In fact, some of the main characters aren't that acutely tuned.

Sample: Here, have four!


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Lily Rammsteiner | DOGS: Bullets and Carnage | Reserved [1/?] [Slight Spoilers]

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Player Information
Name: Ashe
Personal Journal: [personal profile] lolimune
Contact Info: msn;
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Lily Rammsteiner
Source Canon: DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
Age: 14, though she is unaware of her age.
Role In Canon: Minor supporting role; she is only apart of Haine’s past in the underground.
cried: <user name=kaoracchi> (Default)

[2/?] [Slight Spoilers]

[personal profile] cried 2012-03-04 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)
History: Unfortunately, there is no information of Lily before her appearance in the underground facility with Haine and the other children taken by their ”mother”, Angelika Einstürzen. She is the first to greet Haine, along with realizing that she didn’t know where they were or what her name was. A few short laughs here and there from her, Lily was literally sent flying by one of the large genetically engineered monster. Hitting the wall hard enough to form a crack, Haine had believed that she was dead. This is also when Angelika makes her first appearance, apologizing for the monster’s behaviour, announcing to be their physician, and then asking Haine if his injuries still hurt. Going on of how their bodies shouldn’t have been broken with such a ‘gentle’ strike, because they were built as weapons to be much more sturdy than that.

While Lily still lay on the floor, Haine was surprised to see that his wounds had been slowly healing. Angelika announces that the children will begin their ‘morning exercises’, and the monster goes out to continue it’s attack on the rest of the children. Cries and screams for help, as bodies flew along with the tear and strip of body parts. Disappointed with how her dear “children” had not even taken her words to completely destroy the monster, saying that they were more than capable to do it now, her smile and pride had returned when Lily had rose back up.

Within seconds, Lily had found herself on the back of the much larger monster, tearing away at the muscles in it’s neck and killing it with large smile on her face. Two more monsters are sent out, in which both Lily and Haine had became complete “dogs”. The scene cuts out, and we see an uninjured Lily surrounded by blood and the dead bodies of the monsters. Confused and upset, unaware of what she had done previously, she turns towards Haine with tears in her eyes. Approaching him and desperately clinging onto him as she confesses that she is afraid, asking him what had happened - without any knowledge of his name, she addresses him as “big brother”.

Much more testing was given to the children. All to where they were locked inside a large, ruined city-like room where they were ordered to kill any of the other engineered monsters that they had stumbled upon. Between that and the cafeteria, the children were given a room where they were able to interact with one another and have a chance to be themselves. At first from a distance, Lily see’s both Giovanni and Haine having a conversation about what Giovanni had drawn. Taking steps closer, she immediately realizes that it’s a flower. Though all three have no memory of seeing real flowers, Lily was more than happy. In which the three introduce themselves with the names that were given to them.

We then see that Lily had once again lost control. Literally twisting and breaking Lotto’s, another child’s, arms in his attempts to calm her down. Lily and Haine then find themselves going against one another, before Haine had finally pinned her down and told her that she had to stop. In surprise, he was able to control himself while calming down Lily, who had became afraid and was drowned in the power of the “Cerberus Spine”. With tears and an apologetic tone, Lily tells Haine of how ‘someone’ tells her that they will make everything that she see’s frightening and turn it into fun. The voice telling her to “hit the switch”, in which she will black out. With no knowledge of the word, Lily says that, “everything turns into black, and I wake up to red”. Knowing that her inability to control herself leads to the harm of others.

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[4/?] [Slight Spoilers]

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Madoka Kaname | Madoka Magica | Reserved

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Player Information
Name: seki
Personal Journal: [personal profile] hurtbreak
Contact Info: [plurk] thoughtcrime, [aim] seven idiots
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: Madoka Kaname
Source Canon: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Age: 14
Role In Canon: The titular character, or the protagonist!
History: Episodes; she is coming from episode 11, before she leaves to make her wish but after her mother stops her.

Personality: She is the type of girl you could meet anywhere. Madoka is an ordinary person with ordinary interests; she is normal, she is well-adjusted and able to cope with the tragedies that befall her and her friends. Her family loves her and she loves them, and there isn't any strife between them.

Madoka is a happy girl. She is bright and charming and sweet. She loves very intensely and cares about the people in her life. She likes to have fun and to enjoy herself just as any other person would, and is generally very optimistic. It's a very ordinary outlook on things for someone her age. She can make friends, talk to people and make plans without worrying.

She is contradictorily confident and very self-conscious; she doesn't feel awkward or strange interacting with new people. Upon meeting a new person, she will be cheerful and excited. She genuinely cares about strangers, animals and humans alike. She is a sensitive person and is the type to cry over the tragedies she hears about on the news, and has put forth a lot of energy into caring about people. She isn't unsure of herself in social situations.

However there is always something on her mind.

Hesitation is a recurring theme of her character. She is very unsure of herself-- this is her insecurity. She genuinely believes in herself being nothing special, painfully average, and untalented. She doesn't think herself annoying to her friends, but she does think that others caring about her is a bother for them. She doesn't want anyone to expend energy on her. She feels useless, and so the thing that Madoka wants more than anything in the world is to be useful.

It's to that purpose that Madoka becomes extremely self-sacrificing.

She willingly gives up her entire life and all of her future in the name of hope. This is another extraordinary thing about her. She embodies hope, later on literally and right now figuratively. She is the sort of person who despite the hardships she undergoes throughout the series stands back up with such strength. She wants to be useful. She wants to be good. She genuinely loves from the bottom of her heart and makes a wish that changes the entire world.

It takes her a long time to figure out what to do, and only after watching helplessly as her new and old friends die off. Such is her indecisiveness. But in the end, she rights all of that. She saves every magical girl there was and will be, and Madoka is happy with this. She is fulfilled and holds no regret over a powerful wish, even if it means her family and friends all forget her. Even if it means she can't physically be with them any longer. It is because of how much she loves these people and the world that she is able to sacrifice these things.

Madoka is at first glance ordinary. But once you get to know her... it is very likely you will find her the complete opposite.

Abilities: Madoka is an ordinary girl; she has no magic from the canonpoint I am taking her at.

Sample: If these samples are too dated, I can pull up something new too. Just let me know, thank you.
- An entry from another RP!
- A voice test!
- A dear_mun entry!
- Annnnnd proof that these samples are mine.

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Japan | Axis Powers Hetalia (Nyotalia) | Reserved

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Player Information
Name: Clara
Personal Journal: [personal profile] haros
Contact Info: aim: sea ferries | seaferries [at]
Other Characters: n/a.

Character Information
Name: The Nation of Japan (Fanon human name: Sakura Honda)
Source Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia (Nyotalia)
Age: 2500+, appears to be in her late teens/early twenties.
Role In Canon: One of the primary characters in an ensemble cast. The main focus of the Hetalia series is World War II era history, particularly from the side of the Axis Powers. The male version of Japan is one of the lead "protagonists." As the Hetalia canon's counterpart, female Japan could be said to fill a similar role, but the number of appearances she's made are far fewer, so there's a lot of extrapolation and elaboration in the history section below to make up the difference.
History: Wiki for the country | Wiki for Japan in Hetalia | Wiki for Japan in Nyotalia

There aren't a lot of structural changes to Japan's personality when one makes the switch from Hetalia to Nyotalia, particularly when looking at the two characters during a modern day setting, which is where I'll be setting her canon point. By that I don't mean that Japan as a male and Japan as a female are so similar as to be the same "character" in two different bodies with different genders, rather that the character traits that they present are similar, such that there are more fundamental historical differences than differences in character make up. There are points where the two characters diverge and points where they meet and the aim of everything below is to highlight what effect this has on Japan as a female.

Of course, her role in history is altered much more significantly and that affects the character in a number of ways. There has been very prominent gender stratification in Japan for centuries, which indicates that the Nyotalia character would have had a very different livelihood and existence to her male counterpart. Although she may have been able to fight (upper-class women living from the 12th century onward, until the Meiji Restoration, were allowed to learn martial arts), until the mid-19th century and the beginning of the Meiji Restoration, a woman's role was generally accepted to be that of an inferior to a man. A woman was meant to serve the men in her life, be they her husband, father, or brother. Even after many Western ideas began to be adopted in Japan and reform began to occur, women still did not receive the right to vote or proposed equality with men until post-WWII. For this reason, as well as several others (some addressed below), I see Japan's role as much less political/militaristic than her male counterpart, certainly less authoritarian, and prefer to envision her as a stronger embodiment of some of the cultural aspects of Japan, which I'll try to detail below.

Language: A woman's language is much different than a man's in Japanese and women are expected to conform to a certain pattern of speech that includes adopting a higher pitch to one's voice, as well as the use of certain grammatical patterns that are considered "feminine." In addition, women's speech is much more deferential (toward men or those of higher rank/standing). Japan's speech certainly fits these patterns and this is probably a contributing factor in her character being seen as shy or soft-spoken, in spite of some of the comedic outbursts she engages in from time to time. As she won't be addressing any males in this particular game, this isn't going to be as noticeable, but her demure attitude will certainly show through in the way that it's natural for her speech to be more subdued and, again, deferential.

Appearance: As far as her appearance throughout history is concerned, the female Japan wore traditional clothing and kept her hair long during the period before the Meiji Restoration. It's said by the author that she cut it in order to show that she was ready to interact with the rest of the world. At this point, she also wears military clothes to represent Japan as an imperial power (seen on her "2P" design). After World War II, her wardrobe reverts back to traditional, feminine clothing (with her "default" outfit being a pink and purple kimono in two pieces).

Culture: Historically speaking, there are some very interesting female figures in Japan. In literature, for example, Lady Murasaki is the author of the 11th century Genji Monogatari, which is sometimes called the "world's first novel." Throughout history, women have contributed both prose and poetry to Japan's literary tradition. Although their education consisted mostly of learning how to be good wives and housekeepers, it's clear that some Japanese women were quite learned. Japan herself may have taken an early interest in art in this way.

"How can I blame the cherry blossoms / for rejecting this floating world / and drifting away as the wind calls them?" - Shunzei's Daughter (藤原俊成卿女)

Although Japan has always been curious, it is that point at which the country opens up to the rest of the world that I believe her curious nature would have become much more evident. Some of her interactions with nations like England, Greece, America, and The Netherlands are especially influential in helping her blossom into a more outgoing sort of person. That's not to say that she becomes loud and boisterous overnight, but she starts sharing her ideas with others and forming a very strong national identity in relation to the rest of the world. It's this nationalistic push that brings about conflict in Asia and with the rest of the world at the turn of the century. I do not believe Japan was involved in the fighting during any of the wars during the first half of the twentieth century (and the tail end of the 19th), but rather assisted with first aid and volunteer work. This would be a way in which her nationalistic pride shows, but she doesn't take on a militaristic role.

During wartime, her primary concern would be the protection of her people. In that way, she is more concerned with defending the nation, if you will, than conquest of other areas. Once again, first aid (she's shown in a canon strip helping to bandage a wound for North Italy) and related volunteer work would be her primary activities. Much like in the United States during World War II, a number of jobs opened up to women in Japan in the 1930s and 40s due to the fact that men left the home to fight. During this period, Japan may have worked alongside other women in arms factories or mills. On top of this, many women also did community service work, which she would have certainly taken part in, as it was a show of solidarity.

There's an idea, which is illustrated in Hinduism, that male power is qualitative and female power is quantitative. Women give men the power to do what they do, in a sense and provide the energy necessary for action to take place, although they do not "act" on their own. Though there isn't strong historical basis for making a connection between this Hindu idea and Japan's personality/character, I think it's an interesting correlation to consider (however, quite loosely, this is just for the purposes of making an illustration). In this way, Japan can be said to use her "power" to protect all her people.

If this were an RPG — a much more relatable comparison, given Japan's love of video games — the female Japan might be considered a support character. Maybe not a healer, but she's definitely a strong embodiment of that substantive system of support that can be very easily equated to Japanese tenacity and the nation's incredible work ethic. As far as personality and character structure are concerned, the two Japans are very similar, but it's the role that each of them fill and the different overall aspects of Japan the country that they most strongly represent that makes them two separate, unique characters.

Personality: In a word, Japan is… not really describable in one word. She's quiet and mild-mannered, except when she's not. She's polite and mannerly, except that you might get the impression when you're talking to her that there's a whole lot of something going on beneath the surface. Like she might actually be teasing you, though that seems impossible, because she's such a sweet (not to mention shy) person.

She is a sweet person, really. Or at least, she's well-meaning and she does want people to like her. Her profile says she's a 'Yamato nadeshiko' type, meaning the personification of an ideal Japanese woman. She cooks, she cleans, she's always well-groomed, and she doesn't speak out of turn. In some ways, this character label makes it very difficult to describe her, because as an 'ideal' woman, it seems like any flaws that might be listed would be contradictory. If she's so ideal, why does she sometimes seem to be a little mischievous or why does she sometimes abandon her reservation and seem to become extremely excitable? The simplest answer is that you can't always judge a book by its cover, or that what you see isn't always what you get.

For example, she represents many other other aspects of Japanese culture, outside the 'Yamato nadeshiko' label… such as its doujin society. She's definitely both a connoisseur and a contributor. In some ways, she's a little bit of a pervert and she would probably be incredibly embarrassed if anyone discovered this without her intending them to do so. It would be better if she could hoard her dating sims and comics in peace!

Additionally, she represents Japan's warrior sprit, its adaptability, and its sense of innovation. She likes to preserve the old, meaning traditions and customs, but she also seeks out the new, creating new things and proposing sometimes bold changes or solutions to particular issues. All these characteristics are present in one way or another, some less evident most of the time. For instance, if she becomes excited, some of the less reserved aspects start to show themselves.

Because of what's visible on the surface, or what you might see if you were to interact with her for a short time, Japan can seem to be a very typically subdued, shy person. She believes in getting her point across in ways that aren't "forward" or direct, so her language can be somewhat distant or vague. She apologizes a lot, she says thanks for many things, and she is very slow to directly blame anyone for anything. Were you to make her angry or upset, something that is very difficult to do, you might not even know it. If she wanted you to know, it would probably involve a lot of indirect language and subtle "hints" as to her mood.

It should be noted that it really is hard to make her angry at all though. She's much more likely to get emotional due to excitement than anger. That excitement can come about due to a number of factors, but one of the more prominent ones is her fascination with romance. She can be found making allusions to dating sims and shoujo manga, all with a strange sort of sparkle in her eye that might make you think something somewhat devious is going on beneath the surface. If you do happen to notice, she'll either expound upon her ideas or get really embarrassed and clam up (see above, re: being mortified about her stash of R-18 stuff being discovered) — it depends very much on who she's addressing at the time.

It's also very important to note that she's incredibly curious. She's a bit of a tinkerer, a bit of an explorer, and a bit of an inventor. She likes many forms of art, from drawing comics to building little machines. Making something new is fascinating to her, as is seeing something new. She's one of those people who will arrive in a new environment and spend hours trying to take it all in before it seems like she's ready to move on. In that way, it can be said that her powers of observation are very keen. Japan is good at "reading the atmosphere." It's not just shyness that will prompt her to remain quiet in a particular situation, it's also a good helping of discretion.

Abilities: Japan is a nation. That is, she is an immaterial concept and the representation of a national identity in the form of a person. She's rather long-lived, having been in existence for over 2,500 years. Her physical health is tied to the strength of Japan itself, so things like economic trouble may cause her to get sick. She has been shown in official art with a naginata (a kind of bladed pole weapon), so it seems as though she is capable of self-defense. She's also quite fascinated with technology, much like her male counterpart, and she's skilled at building things. Lastly, she also likes to draw and is quite skilled at it (especially at drawing questionable comics).

Sample: Vine, Audio

[ There's a very quiet 'uwah' followed by a moment of silence. This is followed by another sound of admiration, but since this is audio, it's hard to say who the voice might belong to, much less what it is that is so intriguing. Thankfully, the person responsible is about to provide some commentary. ]

How curious… [ Here she starts to fade in and out a little. ] Such a thing… it makes one feel like a princess. [ When she gets closer, the sound of fabric rustling can be heard. ] Is this being spirited away? I have never experienced such a thing! [ Now she sounds like she's getting more excited. ] Is it that I am the heroine now? [ Now she seems to be moving away, because the sound is getting more muffled again. She can still be heard talking to herself every so often though, and further 'uwah!'s and 'aaa's can be heard intermittently. ] ... so beautiful...

Aa! Am I addressing someone? Please excuse my rudeness. My name is Japan. [ More rustling can be heard, because it's just like her to bow even when she can't be seen. ] May I ask... to whom I am speaking...?

Sample thread:
Japan taking care of an eggbaby.
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I also have this thread on the test drive meme!

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France | Axis Powers Hetalia (Nyotalia) | Reserved

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Player Information
Name: Oozaru
Personal Journal: [personal profile] escaliers
Contact Info: PM is preferred, AIM is fluffbrows.
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: France || Marianne Bonnefoy
Source Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia (Nyotalia)
Age: Appears 26. Approximately 2000.
Role In Canon: Nyotalia is an AU of Hetalia, where all the original cast have been replaced by characters that represent the same country they do but are of a different gender and have a different personality (though there are similarities). In Nyotalia-verse, France is one of the Allies and so is a fairly major character. However, as not much has been revealed about her yet besides appearance and some small notes, she is essentially a Canon OC.

A brief outline of French history since Gaul.
History of France, Wikipedia.

France's role in the events listed above is generally as a representative of the country. Her actions usually match that of her government, but she also represents the people and so she doesn't always agree with what she's ordered to do. At the beginning of the French Revolution, for example, she was very ill and had become quite resentful of the ancien régime. So she was sympathetic towards the revolutionary movement and didn't take long to support the National Assembly. The period after this mostly involved headaches and following whoever shouted the loudest, but she did take part in the women's March on Versailles and had a rather love-hate relationship with Marie Antoinette.

As la France, she is required to go to battle and fight other countries in war. Because of the fact that she's a woman and the army isn't exactly known for it's feminist views, she goes about this through a variety of methods, such as taking on more behind the scenes roles such as a nurse or medic, cross dressing in cases of emergency, or simply ignoring and pulling rank on anyone who says maybe she shouldn't be out there waving a sword around. During La Résistance years in WW2, she wasn't allowed a very active role, as both the Vichy government and most resistance movements were firmly chauvinistic and encouraged women to stay at home and fulfil their traditional roles. She did work behind the scenes with the resistance movements on occasion though and was mostly a supporter of de Gaulle, but was usually confined to trying to make the best of a bad situation within the Vichy government. She did take the blame placed on her nature for the surrender quite hard, as she was labeled decadent and rotting from within.

I'll be playing France from modern day, 2012.


France lives her life as though there's always someone watching her- and loves every bit of it. No matter the situation, she makes sure she looks absolutely chic, maintaining the style and sex appeal she considers crucial to the character of le Français. Just about anything is excusable, so long as it's done big and with the dramatic flair that captivates her interest. Failure is acceptable and can lead to improvement. Boredom is unforgivable. As such, she loves to keep up with the latest fashions, while experimenting with the avant-garde, and has no patience for anything passé, even if she herself was wearing it less than a year ago. You don't see her wearing it now, do you? She's utterly in love with her own image as a sexy, confident, intelligent, mature woman. Though she's proudly feminist in philosophy, she relishes her femininity as la France (la is feminine) and fully expects men to hold doors open for her, carry her bags and compliment her beauty. While other feminists might see this as disrespectful and a sign of the man considering women weak, France considers it simply what is done and what she deserves. Equal rights are crucial, of course, but it'll be a cold day in hell before she gives up the few benefits chivalry has given her over the centuries. Unlike her male counterpart, she holds being proper in a high regard and tends to look down on those who don't match up to her standards.

Despite appearing rather superficial, France values intelligence and debate above all else. Les discours (debate and conversation) are vital for any social interaction and she'll happily argue any concept- from philosophy to politics to food- for hours before reaching any decision, by which point the conversation will have gone off on such a tangent that it's likely all members of the conversation- by now including every Frenchman or woman within a five mile radius- will have completely forgotten the original topic and no longer care anyway. Everyone in France is a philosopher and Madame France herself is no exception. She has an opinion on everything and is always willing to share it. Rude to a fault, France sees no problem in insulting strangers, friends and enemies and she's brutally forward with her opinions on people. Though this is true of the male France as well, Madame France takes it to extremes and is a bit of a busybody who sees everyone's business as her own. Or rather, even if it isn't her business, she has the right to make it her business. Casual rudeness is perfectly acceptable to her, and respect is something to be earned- a privilege rather than a right. In contrast, she makes a point of speaking very eloquently and formally. Unlike with her male counterpart, this fades when she loses her temper at which point she's happy to start swearing at the world and screaming at the top of her lungs. She doesn't hold English in very high regard and despite being completely fluent at this point in history, she frequently lapses into French when she doesn't think the English fully expresses her feelings, but also whenever she's bored and just to remind people that she is very French. Secretly this is part of her resistance to Americanisation but she hates to admit that it's a concern for her. She despises the idea of Americanisation within herself and does her best to promote her own culture.

One of her main flaws is definitely her sense of entitlement and ego, she cares very little for anyone's opinion of her since she knows she's magnificent. While this certainly benefits her sense of self-worth, it does little towards helping her make friends. Nevertheless, she simply tells herself that only a truly important nation could have so many enemies. The male France seems to be much more self-conscious, even if only in private. One of her most significant relationships is with one “sweet enemy” (not her words) across the Channel, England. The two women have known each other since childhood and frequently argue with each other. Though they are now on friendlier terms, a millennium of warfare is not so easily forgotten and neither of them act quite so fond of the other. That said, France does care for England deep down and frequently worries and fusses over her. It's a complicated relationship that involves lots of swearing and shouting.

Unlike her male counterpart, France can appear to be fairly unmovable and appears unaffected by most things, dismissing anything that displeases her. However, once one of her buttons has been pressed she becomes very emotional. This involves either extreme rage, bursting into tears or cold and calculated revenge, depending on what said button was and who was pushing it. She's actually quite malicious and has been described as a “poor winner” that “does not take her victories well”, probably because of her love of being incredibly harsh on the loser. France can be quite cruel to anyone that scorns her, though she prefers to take a much more cold and calculating approach to it than her male self. That isn't to say, however, that she isn't prone to hot-blooded bursts of rage herself.

Of course, if there's one thing you would associate with France, it's l'amour. There's really no way around it. For France, love, romance and sex are all part of every day life. There is no escaping it and it fills all aspects of her character. She has a soft spot for unrequited, tragic love affairs in fiction, seeing beauty in love that continues on even after rejection and heart break. However, in her own life, this fondness for l'amour usually finds itself in the form of short lived love affairs, one night stands and occasionally molesting her fellow nations. They generally don't appreciate this very much, but she loves flirting and harassing even her enemies. She's more restrained with humans and much more charming. She's attracted to men and women, but only beautiful ones. “Beautiful” is a flexible thing, since for France it's more about sex appeal than purely aesthetics, but she's far pickier than her male counterpart. She does value true romance when she sees it, and encourages it as best she can, but considers herself too old and too free to settle down herself. Besides, consistency is boring, and being boring is the worst thing she can think of. It's probably no coincidence that all her closest friendships are frequently interrupted by some kind of angst or ferocious warfare. It keeps things interesting.

After World War II, France isn't really known for her military prowess (“cheese-eating surrender monkeys” as the English say) and she's mostly content with being known for her philosophers and artists, war has lost the appeal it had in her younger years. However, she is capable of being quite brutal and in her day she was a highly sought after ally and a worrisome enemy. Many of her former colonies can attest to her ruthlessness but there's also the fact that- by her memory- Napoleon was not so long ago. Today she'd rather avoid war if she can though, lately it really hasn't brought her anything but trouble. She likes to think she's matured a lot since the end of the Great War, though your mileage may vary when it comes to how true this is. Though she's often insulted and called a coward, in reality she is simply a survivalist. Centuries of warfare, being invaded and just the harsh realities of life in general have made her surprisingly pragmatic in her heart of hearts and she'll do just about anything to ensure her own survival.

Since going through the beginning of the 20th Century with not enough children (contributing to her surrender in WW2, she insists) her already strong maternal instincts have gone into overdrive. She adores children and pampers them to a ridiculous degree. She enjoys mothering not only children but her “younger siblings”, other nations. Even England experiences it when she gets sick, though only after France makes fun of her until she realises it's serious. She likes forcing food onto people, showering them in hugs and kisses and giving them the advice you'd expect from a cool older sis. Sometimes she gives good advice. Sometimes she gives terrible advice. She does express far more platonic affection than her male counterpart (which isn't to say she shows any less of the other kind) and often gets carried away with her “big sister” image of herself.

France is a nation, but this doesn't normally translate into any special powers. She's linked to her nation's well-being so it's harder to hurt or kill her and it's been shown that countries seem to be stronger than average humans (though not on the same scale as America). This doesn't come through with France very much, but she is a fairly skilled fighter.


Thread from the test drive meme.
A dear_mun post.


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Ventus | Kingdom Hearts (Genderswapped 8D) | Reserved

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Player Information
Name: Fenix
Personal Journal: [personal profile] dark_fenix 
Contact Info: AIM Primusforged, plurk is dark_fenix
Other Characters: None

Character Information
Name: Ventus
Source Canon: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Age: 14
Role In Canon: X-blade compent Vanitas Other Main derpCharacter
Justification: I think that playing a girl!Ventus would be interesting, more so as she honest to god has no idea of what it means to be a girl, more so given the way that her teacher, Eraqus would have trained her. I mean, yea, there is her body and stuff but outside that...I think that it wouldn't have mattered much based on the point that I am taking her. She was being trained to be a Keyblade Master who protected the worlds, and not, for example, a lady in high society. 

History: Here have a link, but basically, Ventus is coming in from just after Terra leaves the Land of departure..

Changes: The world is fully gender swapped - meaning that everyone's gender has been swapped around. Who was male is now female and vice versa.  Terra and Aqua are still her best friends, and Ventus treats them as she would anyone else, though yes, she has  lived a sheltered life and as such her bonds with her friends are a little different. But no so much in that it is noticeable.

It's much the same for her Master, Eraqus, a woman that Ventus looks up to and respects a great deal. Given the way that Eraqus would have trained them, the deeper differences between male and female would not have come up, and it would have mattered much. One is taught to use what strengths one has, after all.  Ventus hasn't yet had her first period yet, due to the trauma of Vanitas birth, which pushed her puberty back a number of years, though she is due for it soon, so it will likely be an issue that may crop up in game.

Ven's realationship with Vanitas is still much the same, only the Other is less androgynus than Ventus is at this stage.

Personality: Ventus is a kind, loyal, happy and innocent girl who wants nothing more than to help people, as well as see new things and learn all that she can - as seen by her bedroom, filled with all sorts of things - books, a globe ect. She has an absolute faith in her friends, Aqua and Terra and would do anything for them and it would be in a heartbeat. Ventus also won’t think twice about helping another person out, even if there is a risk that she'll get hurt in the process. She's easily goaded into things, as seen with Vanitas's words that Terra will change if the older teenager goes to the outide world. This proves that Ventus is both naive to the darker side of the world and easily manipulated if she thinks that her friends are in danger. She will not hesitate to jump in and defend them and it can be implied that she would do this for Master Eraqus.

Being sheltered has given Ven a simplistic view of the world with Light being Good and darkness being Bad as taught by Master Eraqas. Due to this, Ventus isn't the type of girl would would do girly things - rather, she's more rough and tumble, something of tomboy, but this is more a result of how she was raised: to be a keyblade weilder - a defender of the Light. While Ventus does Identify as a woman, it's not that important - and anyway, Ventus has no idea what the differances are aide from that Aqus has to use a differant bathroom than her and Terra. While Ventus is coming from a time before she traveled out into the worlds, it is worth noting that her travels will only serve to re-enforce this idea, because wherever she goes, she sees unversed, often fighting them to protect others.

In her travels, she makes friends easily, showing that she's a very friendly and loveable person, if not a little overeager to do a lot of things, but again, that can be passed down to not only being sheltered and not allowed to go to other worlds, but the fact that she's only got four years worth of memories to draw on, and all of these being from her time with her teacher and freinds.

This is because when she was 10/11, Ventus's former Master, Master Xehanort, tried to create the Ultimate weapon - the Kye-Blade. She failed because Ventus refused to give into the darkness, showing that if given the option, Ventus will side with the light over the Dark. Annoyed and at her wit's end, Xehanort unlocked the Darkness and negativity from Ven's heart, traumatising the poor girl, along with breaking her heart into two; Light and Dark. As a result, Ven not only suppressed this, but all of her life up to that point.

Despite all of this, Ventus comes across as a rather optimistic person who is stuck on cheerful mode more often than not and while it can seem fake at times, it's not. It's simply who he is - she's a little ball of sunshine and light and those that can sense hearts have remarked on this. Though this isn't to say that she can't get depressed, as she can, but she seems to bounce back from blows, as seen whenever Aqua or Terra tell her to stay back, or that no, it's to dangerous for him ect.

Ventus loves to learn; and if she doesn't get information fast enough, or it's too vague, she'll become impatient, as seen with the seven dwarves in the Dwarf Woodlands... but she won't forget her manners, something that's very important to her and was more than likely drilled into her by both Xehanort and later Eraqus. She’s usually open to answering questions about herself as well. While she's young, Ventus is also a very, very stubborn young woman, who hates being treated like a kid - seen time and time again when she's told to go home, or go to her room, and and is eager to prove that she's not as childish as she looks - And she does in the Mastery Exam when she helps Terra and Aqua fight off the light balls that have gone AWOL due to an influence of Darkness. Terra also remarks that Ven's capable of looking after herself, she's been out there training with them every day, though this can also mean in the context of what she's liable to face at home in the Land of Departure; this stubborn trait can and will land her in hot water from time to time as despite all she's been through so far - fighting unversed, fighting Maleficent ect, she's yet to truly learn that not everything is as it looks and not everything should be investigated. 

On a parting note, Ventus loves icecream. It's her favorite food and she'd eat it every meal if she could.

Abilities: Ventus is a keyblade wielder - and the only one to use the blade in a backwards grip. Along with this, she also has the ability to summon a suit of armor via the pauldron she wears, and her keyblade can turn into a glider. 

Her spell and attack arsenal is tiny, but she makes up for that in speed and giving it her all in a spar. 

►Fever pitch
Land of departure
While using Fever Pitch, Ventus's attacks become faster and more powerful with a single button press yielding three quick strikes in succession with the combo finisher being a spinning thrust attack. The finisher consists of Ventus striking forward, cutting five slash marks of light into the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

When Ventus is using Fever Pitch, she gains a light blue aura around him.

basic // initial
The spell conjures green storms of wind of varying sizes around the caster, which lifts up any enemies and damages them. The radius and power of the storm increases with the level of the spell.

►Strike Raid
Basic // Initial
The user throws the keyblade like a boomerang - start The attack damages and stuns enemies on impact. It takes up one slot, has a maximum level of 3, has a normal reload time of 10 seconds, and fills the Command Gauge by 20%
►Quick blitz
Basic // Initial
The user performs a jumping attack. It is similar to Blitz, but it only hits once. It has a maximum level of 3, a normal reload time of 10 seconds, and fills the Command Gauge by 30%.
►Sliding Dash
Basic // Land of departure
The user charges forward while swinging the Keyblade in charging attack that can be used both on the ground and in the air. reload time of 15 seconds Command Gauge by 20%.

►Flame Salvo
The attack consists of launching waves of small fireballs at targets. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Flame Salvo is a Shotlock that has a maximum level of 4 and max lock of 15. After the initial volley, the player can perform extra attacks by pressing X rapidly to fire additional fireballs.

Sample: Hey hey! [One plus smiling Derp is get. Who's clearly both very excited and very hyper. At least she's not bouncing off the walls. yet.] While I'm glad for the chance to see another world - and this one's really cool, it's kinda rude to not bring my friends oor Master alone, too. They could have come with me to see this place. I think that they'd like it, though Master would probably ban me from all the icecream here.

Speaking of, does anyone know if they're here too? I looked everwhere but I can't find them. 

[Tiiiiiny pout but soon she brightens up.] Oh yea. I'm Ventus, but call me Ven for short. And one day, I'm gonna be a keyblade Master just like Master and Aqua are.


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Belgium | Axis Powers Hetalia | 1/?

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Player Information
Name: Dakotah
Personal Journal: [personal profile] eflat
Contact Info: AIM: callieach007, Plurk: eflat
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Belgium, formally The Kingdom of Belgium
Source Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Age: Physically, she appears to be in her early twenties. In actuality, she is roughly 2000, give or take a few hundred years.
Role In Canon: A minor character who is virtually in the geographic centre of things, and so thus here there and everywhere when it comes to dealing with her neighbours, Spain, or getting the other female nations together for meetings.

History: On Wikipedia. Belgium's personal history more or less follows that of the nation, at least for quite a ways back. She is shown to have known her neighbour and big brother, Netherlands, since they were small children, when her people were more prosperous than his. She has also known Spain and Romano for a long time, corresponding to a time when the Low Countries were under Spanish rule. There was a time (the eighteenth century, namely) when Netherlands wanted Belgium to live with him (The United Kingdom of the Netherlands, which presumably followed her leaving Austria's house to live with France briefly) but they were having a difficult time getting along, due to differences in how much he hated Spain opinion on business and religion and so she opted to become her own kingdom instead, in 1830, even if it took nearly a decade for Netherlands to recognize that she had left to be on her own.
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Belgium | Axis Powers Hetalia | 2/2

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History: On Wikipedia. Belgium's personal history more or less follows that of the nation, at least for quite a ways back. She is shown to have known her neighbour and big brother, Netherlands, since they were small children, when her people were more prosperous than his. She has also known Spain and Romano for a long time, corresponding to a time when the Low Countries were under Spanish rule. There was a time (the eighteenth century, namely) when Netherlands wanted Belgium to live with him (The United Kingdom of the Netherlands, which presumably followed her leaving Austria's house to live with France briefly) but they were having a difficult time getting along, due to differences in how much he hated Spain opinion on business and religion and so she opted to become her own kingdom instead, in 1830, even if it took nearly a decade for Netherlands to recognize that she had left to be on her own.

Personality: Belgium is a warm and good-natured person, made strong by her historical misfortunes and made tolerant by her often overbearing neighbours. She is described as a "big sister" type, and enjoys teasing people, particularly those she considers to be like a younger sibling to her. And since she collects those so easily, everyone from those who used to live under Spain's care to Luxembourg and, presumably, her former colonies, fall into the category of up for some playful prodding when they earn it. It's one of her many ways of showing fondness and affection. However, she sometimes goes too far, and when she does, she's quick to apologize and to try to make up for it. Her humour is always in good nature and she certainly doesn't want anyone to be offended by it.

As a natural worrier, Belgium can often be found fretting that she's to blame for the habits and mannerisms of those she's influenced in her relatively long life. Big brother is being stingy and fussing about business? That might be her fault. Of course, it almost certainly isn't, considering the way nations tend to all have their own ways of being slightly neurotic, but she can't help but worry about it. It's simply what she does.

Although she's terribly proud of her national symbols, such as her wonderful chocolate, beer, and waffles (which she's entirely apt to make faces at if someone else tries at them and gets them wrong), she considers herself to be a rather plain person, and this reflects in both her style of dress and certain elements of her personality. Although having attractive features, compare to the sometimes extravagant styles of the rest of Europe, Belgium is easily looked over when she's simply keeping quiet in the background. She mostly sees her role as one of support, with a dash of being in the middle of just about every fight that goes down. It's unfortunate, but she's generally a forgiving person and with time, she's able to move the past into the past, rather than dwell on some of the things that have happened to her. She may not forget, but she's not the type to make a fuss over something ages after the fact.

However, while she may not be one for holding grudges, if someone angers her in some way, all of her sweet qualities turn into something scary. She's certainly not the sort of woman you want to piss off. It may take a lot to do it, as she's remarkably open-minded and kind, but once you've pushed her too far, or done something suitably bad to someone she's fond of, prepare to be lectured viciously, at the very least. Belgium is a very loyal person, which means that once you're her friend, you're pretty well her friend for good. It also means that you can always count on her to do whatever she can in your defence, even if it's as simple as trying to cheer up a dreary day.

Abilities: As a nation, Belgium is slightly stronger and harder to damage than a human of her size and stature would be. All of the usual magical connections to her land and people that the rest of the nations have, she does as well, and she is likewise long-lived.

Sample: Musebox post, which should hopefully be sufficient. If not, other samples can be provided!

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Yuyuko Saigyouji | Touhou Project

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Player Information
Name: Anna
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kues
Contact Info: only my wits @ AIM
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Source Canon: Touhou Project
Age: 1,000+ ageless/immortal, looks 20-ish
Role In Canon: Major supporting character, former antagonist
History: here
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Yuyuko Saigyouji | Touhou Project

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Yuyuko Saigyouji was born a completely regular human girl. She grew up as the daughter to a noble, supposedly a Buddhist priest and poet by the name of Saigyou Houshi. Except for one not-so itty-bitty problem: she was born with a frightening power to kill everything and anything. From the moment she learned of her ability, Yuyuko was frightened of it, and didn't even trust herself to not use it. She eventually committed suicide out of fear, and ascended to the Netherworld. There, she changed. Life was not as hard. She still carried her fearsome power, even in death, but perhaps that played a part in her personality becoming far more laid back. Instead of constantly stressing over whether or not her power will go out of whack without realizing it, Yuyuko is content to trust herself and not abuse it. She has a personal assisstant (the Netherworld's gardener), Youmu, and although Youmu is extremely formal and obedient to her, Yuyuko thinks of her as more of a friend or a treasured family member than a servant.

"Dead and loving it" is the best way to describe her, if you had to use a sentence. There's a certain part of her that holds pride in being a ghost, and holding the position she does. Yuyuko is eccentric to the extreme, her mind constantly being on food and having a food-metaphor for every situation. And you know what? She can eat five times her body mass and not gain a single ounce, so it's clear she's milking the situation all it's worth. She's cheerful and friendly to almost a fault, welcoming everyone with open arms and an open heart. She likes humans by default, and if any in her watch find themselves in trouble, she will make sure that they end up safe and back in their rightful place.

It can be said Yuyuko has the mentality of a child, and for good reason. She is not a corpse, but a spirit, so one can't use the "her brain is rotting" excuse to put up for her ridiculous ideas--no, it's just Yuyuko's nature to dream up the impossible and try to aim for it. The sky, the rivers, she wants it all, and she'll be damned if she isn't going to try and get it. One of her titles is "The Dreaming Ghost" and one of her chief motifs is sleep and all of its associations. At worst, she once forgot what she had for breakfast that morning, and put her focus on trying to eat the sentient night sparrow character Mystia Lorelei, because she "looked tasty." Her attention span is limited at best, her mind constantly wandering astray from the topic. She's easily distracted to a ridiculous level, following and latching onto anything that catches her fancy--such as when she tries to resurrect her own corpse because she wondered what was buried there. "What does this button do?!" seems to be a question she asks often, or forgets to ask in preference of pushing the mystery button first and asking questions later. She can be whiny and demanding at times, even begging her assistant Youmu to not leave her alone in the dark forest in Imperishable Night, despite being many times more powerful than Youmu herself.

She isn't a hundred per cent sunshine, though. Above her love of food and curiosity, Yuyuko can be morbidly serious. She still realizes that her power is a dangerous one, and doesn't take it too lightly. She takes her status as the "princess" of the Netherworld very seriously, and does her best to keep watch over all of the souls in her command, like a kind of weird, dead, mother-goddess. Her more mysterious side is often brought out around the youkai Yukari Yakumo, who had been friends with Yuyuko before the latter died, almost 1,000 years before. Yukari herself is a master schemer and manipulator, and perhaps some of that has rubbed off on Yuyuko, who does have her fair share of gambits and "troll" moments.


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