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reserved characters

reserved characters
Character: Jade Harley
Reserved By: [personal profile] semipotent
Reserved Until: December 20th


How do I reserve a character?
♡ Copy and paste the form below into a comment and fill it out.
♡ Reservations last for one week. You may ask for an extension of an additional week if you feel you cannot complete your application on time. After that, you must wait two weeks to reserve that character again. If you wish to request an extension, please reply to the mod comment on your reservation.
♡ You may reserve up to two characters at one time.
♡ Reservations expire at 11:59 PM Eastern time (GMT/UTC -5) on the given date.

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[personal profile] semipotent 2012-12-14 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Shell
Journal: this one!
Source Canon: Homestuck
Character: Jade Harley